The Vampire Diaries “Memorial” recap – live blogged!

I am still so glad that Stefan doesn’t get to do the opening voice over on his own. I mean, the town is more than just him! (But I do think it worked for the first season, for sure.)

“She is one of us now. A vampire. And I’ll do anything to help her survive it.” – Stefan

“You better hope she’s not a fan of Bambi.” – Damon

I would be crying if I had to hurt a deer, too.

“You’re a vampire Elena, be a vampire.” – Damon

“Vampires eat people. It’s part of the natural food pyramid.” – Damon

I do love Stefan training Elena. They have cute “we’re back together and it feels so gooood” chemistry. Paul Wesley gives good cheek caress.

Oh, I think we just found out who Elena has sex with first as a vampire – wait, nope! Vomit time! Just what every guy hopes for. (This means that Damon is still on the table! Maybe even literally laid out on a table… what a feast, mmm. …Okay, I’ll stop being creepy now.)

“Don’t look at me. I always take credit for killing people.” – Damon

“If I was gonna kill people I wouldn’t blow them up. I’d have a dinner party.” – Damon

“Your friends tried to kill your daughter.” – Damon

Why does that “Busy body guy” have those fingerless gloves on? I feel like he’s wearing them for a specific reason that has nothing to do with bad fashion.

I do love Grace Phipps – April. She’s so pretty, and she could play Lauren Graham’s daughter in anything.

“You’re alive. Ish.” – Stefan

Elena and Stefan should savor this happiness because you know doom/gloom is approaching soon.

“Am I wearing my ‘I blew up the town council’ T-shirt?” – Damon

Elena and Damon locked in the bathroom – pretty nice!

It’s sweet that he’s offering her his blood. “Blood sharing is kind of… personal.” Yea. I’s weirdly sexy for this show. The musical cue doesn’t hrut, either. In fact… wow. Look at her go! And Damon is certainly enjoying it.

Caroline! I love your orange bra! And I love how sensitive she is about all the death.

“I love you. How’s that for sensitive?” – Tyler

Mayor Lockwood should not answer her door late at night.

Okay, he’s hiding his hand for some reason.

Oh, of course! Not silver but…vervain! Stop killing Tyler, dude!

Caroline doesn’t have to apologize for being all disheveled and half naked, right? They can skip to the blood and the gun shots?

Elena’s peach memorial dress is very funeral appropriate.

THAT is a lot of blood to vomit. Ruined her pretty dress, you know. …Ew. Ew. She has total vampire face.

Stefan never came to console Bonnie before, and now because he needs something he’s there? Psh.I kind of didn’t want her to invite him inside. Am I being too hard on Stefan?

Let’s just bask in how pretty Kat Graham is.

Those bullets have creepy writing on them.

“You again. Stalking small town funerals?” – Damon

“Damon. Germaphobe.” – Damon

Sure, just lurk outside of the bathroom like a creep.

“Funeral pun. Too soon.” – Damon

Hey, why did he just kill April?! Or, is she not dead?

I’m thinking that Elena drinking from Damon is a much bigger deal than we know.

“Also if he shows his face I’m gonna kick his ass.” – Caroline

“The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them.” – Elena


He totally could have shot her.

Damon wishes he was the one to whisk her away to safety.

I predict Matt will offer himself to be fed on… yup!

It’s actually pretty sweet. Matt/Elena in a … new kind of way.

It’s a spiritual kind of thing.

Tyler just offered himself up as a sacrifice!

Paul Wesley in a suit: I approve.

POW. “You know what.”

I’m so, so glad it was Caroline who helped Elena in this moment! YAY for friendship!

Elena’s first glamor!

I have a feeling Elena’s compassion will make her a very skilled glamor-er. If this was a class at Hogwarts she’d be the star pupil.

…Stop saying it was a beautiful service, April is going to hear how Tyler was shot and wonder why she can’t remember.

Jeremy can see his unusual tattoos that Matt (and most) can’t? WHY!

April’s Dad blew everyone up? Uncool, dude.

“You’re in hell. Which means that I’m in hell.” – Stefan

Stefan is being very Dawson Leery right now. A big gesture. Lexi, aw! Alaric. HERE COME THE TEARS. Vicki. Mr. Forbes. Mr. Lockwood. The Gilberts. Anna. Jenna. Grams. “And for me.” (Caroline could have said that, too.)

This is our ungodly hour. – Song at the end of “Memorial.”

Alaric is still his friend. Still his rock. Still his person.

“I didn’t get the girl. …I’m just stuck here fighting with my brother and taking care of the kids.” – Damon

When he says Alaric should have moved on already, does this mean that we’ll see more Alaric for this season, and there’s a reason he hasn’t gone on?

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