The Vampire Diaries “Maquerade” episode did not disappoint fans in being terrifically entertaining. Many of us are still reeling by what did, and didn’t happen. But none is so happy that Matt is safe as my panel guest, Red of

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Is Matt still under compulsion since his mission wasn’t completed? How many plans did Katherine have? Will we ever see any flashbacks from the 80’s? Why does Elena have to be protected? What silly montage would we love to see with Caroline? We discussed all that and plenty more! This is actually one of the longest TVD Panel Discussions we’ve had to date!

The Vampire Diaries “Masquerade” Review via a Candid Conversation:

Jessica Rae (7:03:35 PM):So, to start us off why don’t you tell me how relieved you felt about Matt not being all dead?

Jessica Rae (7:03:48 PM):I’ve been tipped off to the fact that you are quite the Matt fan.

Red (7:04:25 PM):Hugely relieved. As much as I kind of knew he wasn’t going to die, there’s still that seed of doubt with this show because they pull all kinds of sneaky and surprising things.

Jessica Rae (7:04:52 PM):Exactly, Vicki was a huge surprise to me in season 1.

Red (7:04:57 PM):I actually had to DM a friend on Twitter to confirm Matt was okay before I even watched the episode.

Jessica Rae (7:05:35 PM):Hey, I don’t blame you. I get very attached to certain fictional characters. I’m sure that eventually we’ll see another MAJOR character death, and that scares me.

Red (7:05:38 PM):Oh, yeah, I’m sure they’ll kill someone else off when we least expect it. I fear for them all.

Red (7:05:40 PM):And yes, I’m a huge Matt fan. Matt Honeycutt is my favourite character in the books, and Matt Donovan holds true to him. So he’s naturally my favourite character in the TV series.

Jessica Rae (7:06:10 PM):How have you felt about the Matt/Caroline relationship?

Red (7:06:52 PM):Honestly? I hated the idea at the start, but grew to love them.

Red (7:07:15 PM):I’m sad they broke up, but completely understand Caroline’s reasoning and admire her so much for it.

Red (7:07:29 PM):She has way more self control than Stefan in a lot of areas.

Red (7:07:55 PM):I’m interested to see where they go from here, especially given that there’s a spark between Tyler and Caroline now.

Jessica Rae (7:08:00 PM):Matt was a lil jerky about Caroline in “Masquerade.” I feel like they may be setting up Caroline/Tyler/Matt as a love triangle. It seems like Caroline is already regretting the decision.

Red (7:08:53 PM):Yeah, though given he was drunk and under compulsion, I’m not sure if the poor guy even knew what he was thinking all night.

Red (7:09:47 PM):Caroline is very much regretting it, though. He’s important to her, and has helped her turn into the Caroline we’ve grown to love. It’s naturally going to be hard for her to detatch herself.

Red (7:10:01 PM):I’m not sure she even can.

Jessica Rae (7:10:16 PM):That’s a good point. The compulsion did affect most of his night because it wasn’t just one thing he had to do, it was a build-up of decisions to get Tyler mad and drunkity drunk.

Jessica Rae (7:11:24 PM):I think the compulsion the vampires do is very interesting. I want to be compelled to like doing dishes. Vampires could start hypnosis services to help people stop smoking!

Red (7:11:27 PM):Katherine’s compulsion must have been pretty epic to build up to that. Can’t be easy to get someone to go to the effort of provoking a fight and making it realistic.

Red (7:12:17 PM):I wouldn’t mind being able to use compulsion sometimes. Get people to do those little jobs they keep threatening to do.

Red (7:12:34 PM):Though the same could be said about me, I’m sure!

Jessica Rae (7:13:00 PM):The Salvatore’s are overlooking good business ventures, is all I’m saying. ;P

Red (7:13:03 PM):I found it interesting how a lot of people can’t decide if the compulsion will wear off now Tyler’s a werewolf, or if Matt will attempt it again.

Jessica Rae (7:13:34 PM):Oh – people really think that? I had assumed it was over. But I suppose there’s no reason why it would have worn off…

Jessica Rae (7:13:48 PM):That’s a “complete the task” mission, if there ever was one.

Red (7:14:33 PM):Yes, there’s nothing concrete to say it should stop. Tyler didn’t kill Matt after all. But I’m of the mind it applied to that night only. After all, it’d get a bit sticky if Matt went after him again in public.

Red (7:15:01 PM):One of those little things they don’t always have time to cover onscreen.

Jessica Rae (7:15:14 PM):Although, if Tyler and Caroline get close and she’s helping him (it seems like she’s sympathetic to his cause) the scene could play out where Matt seems jealous. But I’m in agreement with you, I think the compulsion wore off after that night.

Red (7:15:49 PM):I was surprised that Kat had a Plan C in place for that. Or was it Plan D?

Jessica Rae (7:16:03 PM):She has SO MANY EVIL PLANS!

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine’s Dress in ‘Masquerade’

Red (7:16:06 PM):I’m not sure there are enough letters in the alphabet to cover all her plans.

Jessica Rae (7:16:26 PM):Seriously, that girl would be a great party planner – who said that? She covers every base.

Red (7:16:51 PM):Though it looks like she didn’t have a plan for getting out of a tomb she never expected to be in.

Jessica Rae (7:16:55 PM):I was pretty shocked at how much collateral damage occurred in the episode, was it two teen gals who died?

Red (7:17:12 PM):Yes – Aimee’s death was a complete shock.

Red (7:17:25 PM):Spine then neck.

Jessica Rae (7:17:28 PM):The tomb thing was awesome. As was the revelation that Elena has to be protected (I believe it!)

Red (7:17:46 PM):It was the spine part that made it so shocking, because it’s an extra level of unpredictable evil.

Red (7:18:07 PM):I’m suspicious about that and wonder why she needs to be protected exactly.

Red (7:18:28 PM):I suspect the reason she needs to be protected is because of Katherine and the things she’s set in motion.

Jessica Rae (7:18:55 PM):That’s a big mystery. Methinks it’ll be Kat’s get-out-of-tomb free card somehow. She’ll be needed, or have information they need.

Red (7:19:10 PM):Though Katherine took some huge risks with Elena’s life. She didn’t mention that Elena was going to die if she did, and if the brothers had managed to get her in the heart… ouch.

Jessica Rae (7:20:00 PM):I was so curious why Katherine didn’t mention it – she must have known the brothers would stop hurting her if she cast a doubt that they were also hurting Elena in the process, right?

Red (7:20:04 PM):So I think Elena needs to be protected for Katherine’s purposes more than anything. Though it’s hard to tell – plans within plans for that one, and her motives aren’t clear.

Red (7:20:23 PM):I think she liked the idea of causing her doppelganger pain.

Jessica Rae (7:20:40 PM):Even if it meant death to her? They almost did her in!

Red (7:20:43 PM):As long as she doesn’t die, she can toy with Elena. She genuinely doesn’t like her.

Jessica Rae (7:21:35 PM):If someone was walking around with my face and dating my ex, I would be pretty miffed. And in therapy for hours a day.

Red (7:21:37 PM):Yes, that’s the part I found a bit odd. I guess if Katherine dies, it doesn’t matter what happens to Elena. Maybe she figured she’d have the satisfaction of taking her with her?

Red (7:21:56 PM):Pretty sure Katherine is beyond therapy.

Red (7:22:21 PM):She probably tried sessions with Freud and drove him nuts.

Jessica Rae (7:22:23 PM):I thought it would be cool if at any time Katherine was hurt, it hurt Elena. Rather than it being a special spell that did it. I like the idea of them being linked like that.

Jessica Rae (7:22:41 PM):Hahaha. God, I hope we get more name-dropping from the older vamps of people they knew. That’s always fun.

Jessica Rae (7:22:56 PM):I mean, Bon Jovi isn’t exactly ancient.

Red (7:23:07 PM):In theory it could be cool. In practice I think it would start getting very awkward from a story-telling standpoint, so I’m kind of glad it was just a spell.

Red (7:23:38 PM):No, no he isn’t. A few older names would be awesome.

Red (7:23:56 PM):The Hugh Hefner mention was great.

Jessica Rae (7:24:18 PM):Famous people who wrote vampire novels would be all kinds of cool.

Red (7:24:26 PM):Stefan seems to have quite the colourful past, really.

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Red (7:24:49 PM):Damon gets drunk with Bram Stoker, maybe?

Jessica Rae (7:24:58 PM):Stefan may look 20, but his mentality is of a 50 year old. And his actual age, well, forget about that.

Jessica Rae (7:25:20 PM):Ahahah, exactly. Then it makes us question things, and believe in all sorts of spooky magic. And, dammit, I like believing in spooky mystical things.

Red (7:25:28 PM):Except when he starts bickering with Damon, then the pair of them regress to a mental age of five.

Jessica Rae (7:26:31 PM):Siblings do that to you. Damon seems more like a jaded frat boy to me.

Red (7:26:50 PM):That’s a good description of him!

Red (7:27:09 PM):Though he seems to be making moves to graduate these days.

Jessica Rae (7:27:27 PM):Well, he has “soul” and he’s a tiny bit naive. Katherine played him big time. But he’s moving on from that. I think giving up Katherine for wanting Elena showed maturity.

Jessica Rae (7:27:48 PM):I mean, not in the “I want to steal you from my brother” sense. That was silly. But it’s progressed from that.

Jessica Rae (7:28:19 PM):With Katherine gone, now we can have Elena/Stefan back. I kind of wanted more faux break-up tension played out. Wah.

Red (7:28:30 PM):It’s good to see him growing as a person, interacting with people, making friends and getting on better with Stefan. But also he still has his wicked streak and lack of morals when it concerns anyone outside his bubble, which I appreciate.

Jessica Rae (7:29:15 PM):I am so glad they aren’t doing what they did to Cordelia Chase’s character going from BTVS season 3 to Angel season 1. She was so different and so much nicer, for no real reason. They can’t do that to Damon.

Red (7:29:24 PM):The faux-breakup annoyed me a bit, because when they started it I was left thinking ‘how stupid do you think Damon and Katherine are?’

Jessica Rae (7:29:38 PM):Oh, srsly! They were so bad at it. And vampires have GOOD HEARING, hello!

Jessica Rae (7:29:47 PM):They would not be good spies or anything.

Red (7:30:04 PM):And it’s not like Damon and Katherine aren’t known to lurk around the Gilbert house!

Jessica Rae (7:30:26 PM):Exactly. During that one morning kissyface scene I was like “Katherine is totally hovering outside the window or something!”

Jessica Rae (7:30:30 PM):They were begging to be caught.

Red (7:31:08 PM):I loved the part in Kill Or Be Killed where Damon reveals he knows they haven’t really broken up.

Jessica Rae (7:31:31 PM):Yea, I love that we have some smart characters that can’t have the wool pulled over their eyes.

Red (7:32:19 PM):It’s also nice to know that Stefan can be an idiot, and be reminded that Elena is really only 17 and a little naive with these things.

Jessica Rae (7:33:04 PM):Yea, see, I don’t want to be so hard on her. She IS only 17. I always forget this. I want to be reminded that she’s still in high school. And I want to believe that she is actually attending! They need more Alaric-as-a-teacher scenes or something.

Red (7:33:28 PM):Yes. That’s why I appreciated the end of Masquerade.

Red (7:33:53 PM):Elena realises she needs time to come to terms with all of this. She has some serious thinking to do, and it’s a lot of a 17 year old.

Red (7:34:07 PM):She’s not Bella Swan, diving in and wanting to be a vampire.

Jessica Rae (7:34:54 PM):Thank God for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elena ever wanted that, but I’m glad that isn’t her automatic decision after falling in lurve.

Red (7:36:06 PM):Exactly. It needs thinking about. Isobel said she must have thought about it, so it’s good to see she’s not jumped to any decisions.

Jessica Rae (7:36:19 PM):I have never been AS invested and AS excited about the show as I have been with the latest two episodes of TVD. The show is just so terrific. The only thing that bugs me is the beginning introduction/voiceover. It needs to change!

Red (7:36:27 PM):And the things Caroline told her are the truth – aging and no children are valid points.

Jessica Rae (7:36:40 PM):Exactly, vampire love isn’t easy, kids!

Red (7:36:57 PM):Oh, good lord. I hoped with season 2 that they’d switch that out, but it’s there to haunt me!

Red (7:37:56 PM):The ‘I’m a vampire’ line was episode 5 last season! I think we know by now that Stefan is a vampire!

Jessica Rae (7:38:18 PM):You know what’s creepy – Caroline will always have to date guys teenage age. And then I think about how Elena is a teen dating Stefan. It’s … creepy. Not in the “he’s undead” way, just in the age-differences.

Jessica Rae (7:38:40 PM):Seriously. I know it’s an introduction to the show, but people know it’s about vampires – it’s in THE TITLE!

Red (7:38:56 PM):Yes, that’s a sticky one with a lot of vampire fiction. The whole mental age thing.

Red (7:39:34 PM):And Stefan never came across as mentally 17.

Jessica Rae (7:39:48 PM):Oh, well you know what it is? I’m thinking about it more after reading that one chapter about Caroline in the book you edited for Smart Pop Books! “A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls.” It defended Caroline in ways I hadn’t thought of before. So now I am such a fan of hers.

Jessica Rae (7:40:11 PM):I know a lot of people like Caroline more this season, and I was too, but now I think I could re-watch season 1 and like her more, too.

Jessica Rae (7:40:47 PM):Although I DO laugh that as soon as Caroline becomes a vampire she suddenly does smokey eye makeup. The first thing I’d after I become a vampire is not alter my skincare routine, dudes.

Red (7:40:50 PM):Caroline is such a favourite of mine, too. It took a while to work out how I felt because she’s such a departure from the Caroline in the books, but she’s fantastic.

Red (7:41:25 PM):Well, this is Caroline. She has to look the part for every occasion.

Jessica Rae (7:41:26 PM):I was writing her off as a sidekick who was whiny, but now it’s all LAYERS and stuff. I feel bad how Bonnie only wanted to be besties after she’d written off Elena as a vamp-lovah.

Jessica Rae (7:41:37 PM):Hehe. Yea, I guess it is very “vampire chic.”
Red (7:41:53 PM):Ahh, yes, Bonnie’s vampire attitude.

Red (7:42:16 PM):This episode seriously made up for a lot of Bonnie’s annoying attitude lately.

The Vampire Diaries Clothing: Bonnie’s Dress in ‘Masquerade’

Jessica Rae (7:42:35 PM):Bonnie is repenting, ahaha.

Jessica Rae (7:42:56 PM):I think the connection with another witch was great.

Red (7:43:01 PM):She started in Plan B with letting Caroline go to the well with her, but this episode really let her shine again.

Red (7:43:14 PM):Another witch who survived, no less!

Jessica Rae (7:43:30 PM):She’s GREATLY redeemed herself from being prejudiced towards one of her best friends.

Red (7:43:51 PM):She kicked arse and completely owned Katherine at the end there.

Jessica Rae (7:44:00 PM):I like the revelation that Bonnie is staying around to help, and she knows that’s why she’s there. I wouldn’t stay in that town if I didn’t plan to be part of the mess.

Red (7:44:10 PM):I think it helps that Caroline has got some excellent control.

Jessica Rae (7:44:28 PM):Yea, no feeding! That’s impressive. But Caroline was ALWAYS an over-achiever, no?

Red (7:44:49 PM):I’m very much left with the impression that things aren’t as bad as Stefan makes them out to be, and he’s the one with the problems.

Red (7:45:26 PM):Caroline doesn’t have problems on human blood (Damon gave her some in this episode), Damon has no problems, Lexi had no problems.

Red (7:45:44 PM):In fact, the only one who seems to have control issues is Stefan.

Jessica Rae (7:46:25 PM):There’s a lot they can do with Stefan and his state of mind. I wonder what will become of his daily blood intake. It’s small, yes. But I don’t expect him to be all cured of his issues from it.

Jessica Rae (7:46:51 PM):They talk about how some vampires turn off emotions, and other’s don’t. I think Caroline hasn’t turned anything off, so she’s managing pretty damn well.

Red (7:46:57 PM):I don’t know how much it will help. Maybe it’s like being an alcoholic?

Jessica Rae (7:47:24 PM):Maybe there’s something in Stefan’s past that will explain this blood craziness. I’d love an 80’s flashback. Hehe.

Red (7:47:42 PM):Actually, I’m just impressed that Caroline has kept her paws off Matt. Even Katherine was having problems doing that!

Jessica Rae (7:47:49 PM):I DO love the Civil War flashbacks, but with a vampire show – they can flashback to anytime.

Red (7:48:41 PM):Very much looking forward to the flashbacks to Bulgaria in the late 1400s. It should be very revealing, and it’ll be fun to see more costumes.

Jessica Rae (7:49:28 PM):Oooh, I didn’t know we were getting that. I tend to be spoiled only for the week ahead. I’m a total costume nut, and love the historical aspect of it all. The mannerisms and language, too. I loved that part of Damon talking to “Miss Katherine” in Masquerade.

Red (7:49:56 PM):Episode 9. Hopefully I haven’t spoilered you too much!

Jessica Rae (7:50:06 PM):Oh, that’s no problem. I don’t even mind spoilers too much!

Jessica Rae (7:50:32 PM):I thought this past episode would do something with mask’s and having two look-alikes. Do you think it’s smart they didn’t go that route, or a missed opportunity?

Red (7:51:01 PM):Given the amount of things they had to cover, probably smart.

Red (7:51:23 PM):I was left feeling Tyler’s transformation was knocked to the side a bit as it was.

Jessica Rae (7:51:29 PM):Good point. You’re all with the smartness.

Jessica Rae (7:51:53 PM):Tyler. Mwahahaha. Time to be a wolf! I hope they focus on him in the next ep. That’s a big change, bigger than puberty.

Red (7:52:29 PM):His ownly monthly curse.

Jessica Rae (7:52:35 PM):Oooh, a nice tagline!

Red (7:53:03 PM):I really feel for him, because he’s been turned into a werewolf for Katherine’s purposes, and now he’s left in limbo until she gets out of the tomb.

Jessica Rae (7:53:45 PM):In the meantime, he has to try to adjust. He needs werewolf training camp, and a better dental plan.

Red (7:54:13 PM):And it seemed so tragic in a way, because the death wasn’t anything rage-induced, just him batting a crazy girl off. No intent to kill. Doesn’t seem fair that he was controlling his temper so well, and yet he still gets cursed.

Red (7:54:40 PM):I now have a mental image of Caroline undertaking his training.

Jessica Rae (7:54:45 PM):Do you ever watch “Being Human”? I think it’s interesting the way that show has talked about the werewolf change being so viciously harmful to the werewolf themself.

Jessica Rae (7:54:52 PM):WITH A MONTAGE??!?!

Jessica Rae (7:55:01 PM):80’s music. Or Rhianna. Whatever Caroline likes.

Red (7:55:17 PM):Slow motion montage. With stick throwing.

Jessica Rae (7:55:22 PM):Good puppy.

Jessica Rae (7:55:33 PM):They are totally going to hook up, man.

Jessica Rae (7:55:43 PM):And I’ve wanted it all season long, but now I am all…wishy-washy about it.

Red (7:56:07 PM):After the look they shared? I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Though Caroline will resist and be torn about it.

Jessica Rae (7:56:07 PM):Because, Matt. Poor Matt. Just because he doesn’t have a curse doesn’t mean he isn’t a viable commodity, ladies!

Red (7:56:25 PM):I’m not sure what will happen between Tyler and Matt now.

Jessica Rae (7:56:46 PM):A hyped up friendship onscreen and then an explosion of BETRAYAL.

Red (7:57:10 PM):It wasn’t Matt’s fault, but Tyler has to feel some resentment that he was involved if he’s ever told that Matt was compelled. If he doesn’t know that, wow.

Red (7:57:21 PM):Though I imagine Caroline will fill him in eventually.
Jessica Rae (7:57:43 PM):I didn’t even think of that. Ooooooh.

Red (7:58:04 PM):That may be the end of that friendship, anyway.
Jessica Rae (7:58:14 PM):If someone did that to me, they would be off my Christmas card list, although I’m pretty slacky about sending those until after Valentine’s Day.

Red (7:58:32 PM):Though the producers hinted that Stefan and Matt will become friends, so that might be the result of this.

Jessica Rae (7:58:56 PM):Elena and Stefan just want to double date.

Jessica Rae (7:59:05 PM):I’d like them to double date with Damon and Katherine.

Red (7:59:21 PM):I’m not sure anyone could take the mayhem of that happening.

Red (7:59:36 PM):It’d have to be at the tomb, anyway, with Stefan, Damon and Elena on the outside.

Jessica Rae (7:59:48 PM):Tombs can be romantic with the right lighting!

Jessica Rae (8:00:03 PM):If I were a vampire I’d use only the LED flameless candles.

Red (8:00:03 PM):Not so much with the mummification, though.

Jessica Rae (8:00:34 PM):Vampires left in the tomb were like mummies, actually.

Red (8:00:47 PM):It’d be a bit of a turn-off when Katherine got to that stage.

Jessica Rae (8:01:05 PM):I wonder if vampires have vampire pheromones. She’d smell moldy.

Red (8:01:49 PM):That’s a rather disturbing thought. Eau de Decay?

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Jessica Rae (8:02:29 PM):What’s scary is that some of these hardcore Twilight fans might be into that. Smearing it on their boyfriends necks.

Red (8:03:02 PM):Yes, THAT is disturbing.

Jessica Rae (8:03:25 PM):Kind of like those…have you seen those necklaces with two little red crystals to mean they were bitten? I don’t understand that stuff. And it looks ugly.

Red (8:03:47 PM):That one seems to have passed me by.

Jessica Rae (8:04:06 PM):Well, there is some WEIRD stuff out there.

Red (8:04:24 PM):Though the only necklace I tend to pay attention to is Elena’s to make sure she’s not Katherine.

Jessica Rae (8:04:24 PM):I want there to be some Vampire Diaries Valentine’s Day cards, which is random, but let’s put that out there.

Jessica Rae (8:04:36 PM):That IS the best way to tell. The hair changes sometimes!

Red (8:04:52 PM):If there aren’t any this year, I will be very surprised.

Jessica Rae (8:05:11 PM):I challenge you to make one.

Red (8:05:15 PM):Funnily enough, I’ve spoken with a few people who don’t notice the necklaces and accurately base it on body language.

Red (8:05:27 PM):Which is a testament to Nina’s acting skills.

Jessica Rae (8:05:35 PM):Well, Nina is a GREAT actress. She really has changes you can notice between the two.

Jessica Rae (8:05:54 PM):I didn’t give her enough credit before, but seeing her play Elena and Katherine I am very impressed.

Red (8:06:57 PM):Yes, it’s eerie to see her playing Katherine pretending to be Elena, because there’s something a little off about it, like Katherine hasn’t got the hang of it. Kind of impressive when you know Nina could just act as Elena.

Red (8:07:37 PM):It’s little things like that that make you appreciate her skill.

Jessica Rae (8:07:50 PM):Yes. Although Elena should take note of

Katherine’s hair and do it like that, because it just looks so much better.

Red (8:08:39 PM):Not really my area of expertise, I must admit. 😉

Katherine has Snooki’s Poof! The Vampire Diaries ‘Masquerade’ Pictures

Red (8:09:40 PM):Though it’s hard not to notice Katherine’s outfits.

Jessica Rae (8:11:15 PM):Elena shops at places like American Eagle, and Katherine shops at Harlot R Us.

Jessica Rae (8:11:33 PM):To wrap this up, I’m going to ask you a couple questions. *Taps reporter pen on pretend pad of paper*

Red (8:11:41 PM):Okay, go for it!

Jessica Rae (8:11:52 PM):Right now, which character would you peg as the most vulnerable for a surprise death?

Red (8:12:24 PM):My money has been on Jenna since the season 1 finale.

Red (8:12:33 PM):So it’ll probably never happen.

Jessica Rae (8:13:02 PM):Jenna’s death would not mean a lot to me.

Red (8:13:24 PM):She’s just not had so much to do, and as we saw with her getting stabbed it has a HUGE emotional impact for Elena and Jeremy. And now Alaric.

Red (8:14:03 PM):Though now she’s been stabbed, I suspect she’s probably safe.

Red (8:14:20 PM):Alaric is another possibility.

Jessica Rae (8:14:37 PM):Who do you think is most likely to out their “secret” to their parent/s or people in charge (on purpose or accidentally): Tyler, Caroline, Elena or Bonnie.

Jessica Rae (8:15:05 PM):Oh, I agree. Jenna being stabbed was huge for the Gilberts, but I wasn’t moved since we haven’t seen much of Jenna.

Red (8:15:19 PM):I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler did. He’s going to want answers, and the only family he has to answer it is his mother.

Red (8:15:52 PM):Conversely, Caroline won’t dare risk it after her mother’s initial reaction.

Jessica Rae (8:16:46 PM):If you were playing a Vampire Diaries drinking game, what phrase would you pick as the most frequently uttered? (In general, or character-specific.)

Red (8:17:15 PM):Dick. That gets bandied about a lot, by Tyler and Damon in particular.

Jessica Rae (8:17:38 PM):Points for the word “bandied” on your end! And – ahaha. Yes.

Jessica Rae (8:18:28 PM):Okay, and final question…if there was a Vampire Diaries video game, who would you want to play? NOT based on who you like, but based on who you think would have the best perks/strengths?

Red (8:19:28 PM):Oooh, tough one.

Jessica Rae (8:19:47 PM):I’m a master of evil questions.

Red (8:21:06 PM):Bonnie, I think. She’s got her aneurysm power and other nifty tricks, without any crippling weaknesses like vervain, wolfsbane or sunlight.

Red (8:21:27 PM):Not yet, anyway. I’m sure the producers must have a witch weakness up their sleeves.

Jessica Rae (8:22:05 PM):Very smart thinking. She’s just had a bad attitude, and some emotional baggage, so far. Bonnie would have a good chance at survival.

Red (8:22:22 PM):Well, I wouldn’t want to piss her off!

Jessica Rae (8:22:35 PM):Would you bribe her?

Red (8:23:01 PM):If she’d accept cake as bribery material, sure!

Jessica Rae (8:23:37 PM):You need to get one of those giant cake molds that are shaped like cupcakes. People seem to enjoy those. That is your ONLY chance at surviving. Dun dun dun.

Jessica Rae (8:23:57 PM):I think this might have been one of the longest TVD dialogue chats. You survived it!

Red (8:24:23 PM):Wow, I set a record? Excellent! It’s been fun. 😀

The Vampire Diaries ‘Plan B’ Panel Discussion