We had six weeks to plot out our predictions for the anxiously awaited return of The Vampire Diaries, but “Know Thy Enemy” still managed to shock us (and break our hearts) last night in too many ways to count. Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline jumped on stage at the Mystic Grill and sang “Eternal Flame” to Matt and the rest of the town, Caroline saved Matt’s life after the Head Manwitch almost killed him, and Caroline gave Matt the “I’m a vampire” speech to which he reacted accordingly and totally freaked out.

This week, when we first see Caroline, she’s on her way out to look for Matt as she has a panicked discussion with Stefan on the phone. I’m happy that these two are interacting, even if it isn’t face-to-face, because I adore their friendship. Caroline is talking ninety to nothing, but Stefan is calm and collected despite the mess of the situation. From their conversation, we find out that Caroline does know about Vicki and that she’s been giving Matt vervain. I’ve been curious about both details for quite some time now, so I’m disappointed that we were left to assume them true, but alas, at least we know for sure now. Insert a bit of Ford product placement and Caroline is on her way to the Lockwood mansion!

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Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood are having a hush-hush conversation about the previous night’s mysterious events when Caroline spots them. Matt was supposed to work the luncheon, but Mrs. Lockwood hasn’t seen him around at all. Carol seems abnormally calm and collected when she brings up Tyler’s absence, and Caroline’s reaction isn’t much different. The Mayor is very trusting of her teenage son who randomly skipped town and only left a vague note about his intentions… where’s the search party for him? Caroline expresses her sympathy, though, and then excuses herself to chat with Elena and Stefan.

Caroline: “You know, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. I was supposed to tell him at the right moment in the right way and he was supposed to be okay with it because he loves me.”

The desperation in her voice is perfect here. Caroline did not ask to become a vampire. She didn’t ask for this task of telling the boy she loves that she’s a vampire, but knowing her, she’s had that speech for Matt prepared since the beginning of her transition. Unfortunately, it probably wasn’t part of her plan to tell him under the circumstances she did.

When Caroline returns home, she finds Matt waiting for her inside. He’s been on house arrest per the orders of Sheriff Forbes because he accused her of covering for Vicki’s death and needed to cool down. He says he kept Caroline’s secret, but he wants to know more. My sister and I had an “aww” moment at the end of this scene. It gave me hope that the two would finally have an honest conversation about their relationship.

We hear the end of Caroline’s tell-all with Matt, and as he should be, Matt appears to be conflicted, confused, and hurt. Caroline says that she loves him so much. She brings up Vicki’s death because she knows that Matt’s thoughts are continuously wandering back to the hints Vicki dropped after she was attacked. This is tragic, though, because while Caroline wasn’t involved in Vicki’s death, Matt associates vampires with the unbearable life experience of losing his sister.

Matt: “Please make me forget, Caroline. I don’t want to look at you and see what I’m seeing right now.”

Matt demands that Caroline compel him and she agrees, but it’s no lie that she is completely heartbroken about it. When Caroline cries, I cry.

Later we find out that, unfortunately, Matt Donovan is a fantastic actor because he was actually lying to Caroline to get more information from her. He and Sheriff Forbes are working together… this can’t end well.

The promo for next week’s episode indicates that Caroline and Matt will attend the school’s annual decade dance. (We’ll never forget Matt’s grand romantic gesture after the last year’s dance. How simple life was for the two of them back then. In a year’s time, so much has changed.) As of right now, Caroline thinks everything is back to “normal” but will Matt be able to convincingly act as if that’s the case? Tune in to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday to find out!

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