The Vampire Diaries episode “Klaus” gave us plenty of answers about lore. But we still have some questions that remain unanswered…

  • How did the original vampires get created? We know that Elijah and Klaus are from the original family…at least. And are the other siblings all male or female?
  • At some place, before the breaking point, didn’t anyone think it would be easier to let Jenna know the truth about vampires? I’m talking about a point before Stefan vamped out in front of her, and Alaric was at her dinner table. Hoping Jenna would stay on campus seems kind of silly.
  • If you were Elena, would you not have waited two more seconds for Elijah to fill you in on what curse Klaus is really trying to break? It makes for good TV, sure, but c’mon guys! Elena is all about finding answers.
  • Why did Damon bring Katherine vervain? Why would he help her? Is he hoping she’ll help him out in a pinch?
  • When did Klaus and Elijah become vampires? How far back does this go?
  • Does Klaus remind anyone else of Ryan Phillipe?
  • Is Alaric dead or just passed out?

What are your questions leading up to the finale episode?

The Vampire Diaries Pictures: Bob Mahoney / The CW. Visit the official Vampire Diaries website to watch full episodes of TVD.

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