Katherine Pierce (the multi-talented Nina Dobrev) wore some great art deco dangle earrings in The Vampire Diaries episode “Homecoming.” And you can own a similar pair for under $50.00.

the vampire diaries jewelry

Copy Katherine Pierce’s style by lightly curling your hair into loose waves, then pinning two top sections of it up, while keeping your part. Even if you have dark hair like Dobrev’s, the shape and color of these earrings will still pop.

From top right:

Bling Jewelry Silver Art Deco Earrings
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Bling Jewelry CZ Art Deco Floral Drop Chandelier Earrings
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While we’re talking about The Vampire Diaries jewelry, tell me that this VintageĀ  pair of earrings on Etsy doesn’t look a lot like the Original Witch’s necklace (formerly Elena’s, now Rebekah’s.)

This has been another installment of jewelry seen on tv shows.