In my expert TV-watching opinion The Vampire Diaries “Homecoming” was an amazing episode. In fact, “Homecoming” was probably, to date, my most favorite complete episode. While I’ve loved certain scenes of other seasons and episodes, as a whole “Homecoming” was everything I love about The Vampire Diaries. There was shock, romance, drama, etc.

The plot kept me on my toes the entire episode. I was fooled several times. I bet you were, too. Don’t lie! Who could have guessed all of that? Not even Klaus did! I think the biggest reveals of the night had to do with Katherine. When she posed at Elena at the dance and was stabbed, I never suspected it was her. And I also never suspected that she was the rat who told Stefan to save Damon by not letting Klaus be killed. Her love for Stefan (and Damon) is stronger than we have been led to believe, or wanted to believe.

The use of flashbacks was particularly helpful in telling the stories in this episode. The start of the episode showed how Stefan was able to call Klaus and, without lying, say that Michael was dead. It also let us see when Katherine betrayed Elena and Damon.

Speaking of Elena and Damon, yes, I’m a fan of this pairing. And I loved their interplay here. While Damon may have been trying to take advantage of Elena in a few episodes of TVD season 3, in this episode he was concerned with his brother and only the safety of everyone else. He didn’t try to make a play for Elena, even in moments where typically he might have pushed things. Elena cares about Damon, although I don’t think she’s given up on Stefan yet. But if Stefan stays gone, Elena and Damon might get a chance to have a little sumthin’ sumthin’.

An established couple that isn’t in paradise is Caroline and Tyler. AT this point, they’re no longer a couple. Caroline has major boy troubles. Her current boyfriend had set her ex-boyfriend up with her nemesis (Rebecca aka Rebekah)! And Tyler, though he wants to be good for Caroline, can’t see straight. Caroline is too smart to do dumb things, so she couldn’t stay with Tyler – even though she wanted to. Sigh.

Misc Things I loved about “Homecoming”

  1. Caroline’s dress was so pretty. (Same color as Rebekah’s!)
  2. Meanwhile, forget Katherine’s dress, art decor earrings and blazer. I loved her hair and makeup.
  3. Elena bonding with Rebekah was so sweet, especially when she gave over the Original Witch’s necklace.
  4. The small tell that Elena wasn’t Elena, was when Matt was talking with Katherine at the party and she didn’t seem to realize the awkwardness of everything.
  5. Damon almost killed Tyler! Dude, Damon, learn control. Anyone else think he would benefit from some Anger Management? They should have that for werewolves and vampires.
  6. The Music. The full list is available to hear here.
  7. Stefan tricked Klaus. Tell me you don’t love that? You love it!
  8. Another great reveal was learning that the dance was actually a wake, and Klaus planned it all.
  9. Bonnie suggesting to Elena they go over Hieroglyphics with Alaric instead of going ot the dance was funny, and sad. There was definietly not enough Bonnie, and I didn’t even find her dress very flattering for the 5 seconds we saw her in it. (Which isn’t to imply she had a sexy scene, she just didn’t have much screen time in this episode. Or this season, as a matter of fact…)
  10. Have you checked out Claire Holt (Rebekah) on Twitter? I have insta-love for her personality!