There are roughly a bazillion and a half more notes I want to mention after I had my second viewing of The Vampire Diaries “Homecoming.” Admit it, this episode deserves as much praise as we can give it.

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  • Klaus heard Stefan swear he was telling the truth that Michael was dead. And yet, Klaus was not at all surprised when he was at the party (wake) and heard Michael was there, alive, to see him. This was a sign that Stefan could be compromised, which is why I, now, am less shocked that he let Stefan go. He knew there was a loophole, and rather than fight it, Klaus wanted to win Stefan over by pretending he was being unselfish.
  • Initially, I had thought Matt didn’t realize he was at the party with Katherine. But upon the second watch I realized that, based on what they said, Matt was completely in-the-know (for once) about who he was with. Caroline had no clue, though. And it must be the Buffy fan in me that wishes that vampire could sense other vampires. I feel like The Vampire Diaries has said they could, but in an episode like this, entire plot points revolved around the fact that Klaus didn’t realize Michael was holding Katherine, not Elena. That’s probably my only criticism about this entire episode.

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  • As I did note before, Damon really didn’t care if he had to kill Tyler. And that’s sad. Damon’s come so far, but he’s still got a lot farther to go in terms of being uh, family safe.
  • While there was not a lot of Bonnie in the episode, having her witness Damon almost murder Tyler is a powerful moment. It furthers Bonnie’s reasons for her agenda to dislike vampires. Quality over quantity. Bonnie’s other scene was early on, and it established she was hurting over Jeremy but it reminded us that Bonnie’s funny and sarcastic and that’s why we love her.
  • Damon and Elena made their plan revolve around the fact that no one knew everything that was going on. Technically, Damon was the only one who knew everything, but Elena knew pretty much all of it anyway. This bonds them, but it also seems kind of sad that they can’t trust anyone else in the circle (like Caroline!) I’d like more of a group feeling, a unit! A gang!
  • Katherine shouting out “bah-boom” was so great.
  • Klaus went flying upwards to tackle Michael and stake him – that was an impressive actiony move. Although, I dislike when vampires look like they’re flying. They’re not half spiderman’s!
  • Stefan reminds me of a solider with PTSD. Even though he’s free now, he’s not really free of that experience. (Deep thought, I know. I’ve been watching a lot of Homeland on Showtime!)
  • That Tyler and Caroline break-up scene was powerful stuff. But there’s no way you can blame Caroline, Tyler has his loyalty to Klaus and that will trump Caroline every time.
  • Wasn’t it nice to see that Katherine came to help out, even though it was motivated by selfish reasons to kill Klaus? I like that she’s available!
  • In this episode, Elena had to be the strong one as Damon realized he really might have lost his brother. It’s a nice switch for this pair.

Questions about The Vampire Diaries “Homecoming”

  1. Why, if Katherine is so smitten with Stefan, did she ask him to get out of the car? Is this because she knew about (or asked) Stefan to steal Klaus’ family? Otherwise, why wouldn’t she try to convince him to road trip with her?
  2. What does Klaus mean that if he dies, Damon dies? Is it because Damon used his blood? Something instant like that would make it damn tricky to ever kill Klaus. But if it is really a matter of Klaus’ hybrids that would seek revenge, I feel like our group could take them out once they got rid of Klaus.
  3. When and how will they bring back Rebekah?! (Claire Holt) She’s so much fun. I don’t want to have an episode without her!
  4. Where was Jeremy for this whole episode? I understand not every character can be in every episode, but seeing that Jeremy lives at Elena’s house you’d think we’d see more of him. The more I think about it, I suppose he didn’t want to go to the dance and Elena wanted to keep him out of everything…

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