Enjoy The Vampire Diaries “Growing Pains” recap – live blogged!

Oooh. A new opening. With many cast members doing the voiceover.

“I’m human. At least…I was.” – Elena Gilbert The Vampire Diaries Quote Season 4 “Growing Pains”

“What happened?” – Elena
“You were in an accident.” – Stefan

“Ask Stefan. The hero.” – Damon

“How did he.. save you? He didn’t.” – Damon Salvatore

paul wesley

“Your choice, Elena. As always.” – Damon

Elena had to know that hanging out with all these vampires there was a good chance she might be turned into one someday.

Damon should stop resenting Stefan for saving Matt. I know (we all know) he loves Elena, but he has to love other humans a little more. An inch more. Just an inch! But that’s his way… he will always choose Elena, and make exceptions for her. He’s blinded by love in that way. That’s why it was easy for him to think about staking Vicki, or Caroline.

I liked seeing Kat Graham early on, but seeing Meredith Fell before Caroline Forbes? c’mon! Oh.. now we have Matt/Caroline. At least there’s that to comfort us.

“Good, now the world has another quarterback.” – Damon, But that’s not all Matt is!

“I can’t stop thinking about blood.” – Elena

Memorable Commercials during TVD Season 4 Premiere: Some movie called Chasing Mavericks #LiveLikeJay – it has a great trailer but I can’t tell if it’s an adventure movie or a horror movie.

So, Elena’s heightened emotions include laughing and giggling a lot? She never seemed all that bubbly before!

Pastor Dan is a real threat, and I hate him already. Stab him with a spork! (That seems not too violent, right?)

“Cute PJs.” – Damon

Oh, oh! She’s seeing times she’s been glamored! I was waiting for this. And God, who doesn’t love this song? (Little Dragon – Twice)

michael trevino

Rebekah has some anger issues. Maybe she saw a bad Adam Sandler movie.

“Does Matt even have automobile insurance?” – Rebekah, being a bitch

kat graham

Why yes, I take great pleasure in Klaus-as-Tyler caring about Caroline.

Yay, Tyler!

Damon, rage issues! Calm!

kat graham

There’s a lot to keep track of. Because, if Rebekah dies then plenty of vampires then die because of her. So really, we can’t be mean to her.

Ow! With the punching to the FACE!


Bonnie’s all about the sacrificing of herself. She always is. Do I sense a martyr complex? …If she spits out snakes I’m calling her Willow Rosenberg! This… is actually a lot like the start of Buffy Season 6, when Willow did this creepy spell with blood to bring Buffy back to life…

Gram! Jasmine Guy!

“This magic is dark, Bonnie.” – Gram

So she succeeded in dying and all, but couldn’t bring Elena back because her Gram scolded her. Damn. It’s like baking a cake and then having the dog eat it before you can get a piece. All the work for nothing!

Raise your hand if you want to slap Rebekah!

Klaus is psychotic. Ripping his OWN (well, Tyler’s) heart out… gorey stuff! Wouldn’t Klaus still feel that pain, at least? Or is it because he’s so psychotic that it wouldn’t matter?

Elena is acting how I act when I’ve had no Diet Coke for a few hours. Pale, drained of energy, hopeless…

“Damon was right.” – Stefan, ha!

“You had hope. It’s all I ever wanted you to have. And you had it.” – Elena

Aw. I mean. She does love him. Even though I don’t like Stefan over Damon, this moment is sweet.

“No matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.” – Elena, sounding kinda dumb.

Will Rebekah save Elena? I feel like that’s what will happen.

“Nah. We don’t need weapons. Just bait.” – Damon to Matt

This pastor does not negotiate with vampires. Damn the luck.

Tyler is back! Only…not so much.

Gram is not pleased. This is only going to make Bonnie more resentful of vampires to see her Gram being tortured. Damn.

elena gilbert

Rebekah, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Ooooh, I love their tag-team plan! That was smart.

Elena, it’s time for blood fest 2012! She needs one of those extended hand reacher things that older people (and lazy people) use! Just lay down on the ground with your mouth open, girl! It’ll maybe trickle in!

Oooh, nice tear at the moment of eating the blood. Because Elena does not want to be a vampire. She could have also chosen to just die. But when it wasn’t her choice anymore, she suddenly couldn’t even think about it. She just wanted to live. Elena (and the show) likes drama, so she would have tortured herself for the entire episode if she hadn’t had this whole cage distraction.

Her first being-a-vampire attack is against Damon, and to save Matt! Applauds!

Commercials: Seven Psychopaths (looks amazing!) and The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the book depressed me when I read it, like, seven years ago.)

“You don’t have to live with that. You get to live with that. Every morning you get out of bed, you sure as hell better earn it.” – Stefan

“Guy just won’t die.” – Damon

“It’s a little hard to keep track of all your choices, Elena.” – Damon

“One of the highlights of my transition. Remembering everything that you compelled me to forget. Like how you met me first. Damon…why didn’t you tell me?” – Elena
“Wouldn’t have made a difference.” – Damon

“I wanted that for you. And I would have gladly have given it to you and let Matt die. Because I am that selfish. But you knew that already. The first night we met’s not all that you remember.” – Damon

“How dare you save Caroline over me!” – Rebekah

“I loved you through everything and you didn’t even care.” – Rebekah

So, Rebekah spilled some stuff and now he’ll never forgive her. (I know it was his precious blood, but still!)

“I’m sure Damon has a revenge plan cooked up.” – Stefan

“You don’t have to convince me that everything’s going to be okay.” – Elena
“I know. Wish I could, though.” – Stefan

“It’ll be the worst thing that you’ll ever live through.” – Stefan
“But I’ll get to live.” – Elena

That kiss shot is pretty…pretty.

Like how they get through everything? They get through stuff by nearly dying most of the time.

Elena needs a daylight ring of her own…yay! Elena’s ring on The Vampire Diaries is pretty. It is an oval blue lapis lazuli with silver flowers.

Why did the pastor blow them all up? To be ghosts?

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