For The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project discussion of “Kill or Be Killed” we talked to Jason Layman of The Salvatore Council.

This is Part 2 of the discussion. Here, Jason and I talked about Ian Somerhalder’s tweeting, the cheesiest moment of the episode and whether Damon and Liz were really friends.

Jessica Rae (1:50:25 PM):Did you watch Ian Somerhalder tweet during the episodes?

Jason Lawson (1:50:41 PM):Yeah I saw Ian tweet!

Jessica Rae (1:50:55 PM):I went to check it out today, but the way it was set up you couldn’t see what Ian was responding to, making it a frustrating read.

Jason Lawson(1:51:41 PM):hmm odd. I saw him responding to fans etc last night. I was too into the episode to really focus on it. I love the CW for getting cast and crew involved with the fans though

Jessica Rae (1:52:15 PM):When people tweet you can usually click who they responded to directly and see what that person had said. But this used iTweeVee or something.

Jason Lawson(1:52:16 PM):It’s nice to see what the cast has to say about the episode etc.

Jason Lawson(1:52:34 PM):Oh..hmmm..interesting.

Jessica Rae (1:53:01 PM):How totally CHEESY was it that Elena gave Stefan her blood?

Jessica Rae (1:53:19 PM):Also, dumb. Because now he’ll like, crave her blood specifically or something.

Jason Lawson(1:53:37 PM):I think the blood thing was from the books.

Jessica Rae (1:53:49 PM):I can’t wait for the True Blood moment where they realize that Elena’s blood tastes different from normal people’s.

Jessica Rae (1:54:02 PM):But Stefan won’t know that, because he isn’t used to people blood.

Jason Lawson(1:54:04 PM):Actually in the books it’s like that

Jason Layman (1:54:08 PM):I believe.

Jessica Rae (1:54:18 PM):And why do they call it “people blood” not “human blood?”

Jessica Rae (1:54:35 PM):Yea, but I’ve been told they don’t follow the books. In the books Caroline and Tyler have a kid or something.

Jason Lawson(1:54:48 PM):oh LOL! Damon?! I think they’ve called it human blood before surely. I just think Damon was being silly

Jessica Rae (1:55:05 PM):Anytime there’s a vampire and a lover I’m sure there’s a blood scene written into a show/movie/book. I just think it’s so silly.

Jason Lawson(1:55:10 PM):Oh! They have taken somethings from the books I think, but changed it in their own way.

Jessica Rae (1:55:34 PM):Yea, I’m just saying just because the blood thing was in the book doesn’t mean they had to do it.

Jason Lawson(1:56:15 PM):That’s true. However, I think they may have done it for the fans..iono..I just felt it made more sense for her to have him do it with her..iono.

Jason Lawson(1:56:31 PM):I loved how they acted out how they hated each other.

Jessica Rae (1:57:07 PM):True. But then we discovered that Damon didn’t even believe their fighting. And they’re far too sloppy about that. Elena visiting that house, kissing in front of open windows and talking when Katherine could be listening.

Jessica Rae (1:57:21 PM):I just hate when something doesn’t seem believable because the character’s aren’t doing it seriously enough.

Jason Lawson (1:58:24 PM):Hmm…interesting. I think at this point it wont even matter if it’s believed or not by him. The promo for “Plan B” is crazy

Jason Lawson (1:58:54 PM):I did love how Damon said Liz is his friend. That is something I’ve been waiting for him to say.

Jessica Rae (1:59:21 PM):That was interesting. But it’s hard to expect trust when you lie.

Jason Lawson (2:00:12 PM):What do you mean?

Jessica Rae (2:00:47 PM):Well, when you lie it’s hard to expect trust or that a friendship is real. Damon had lied to Liz, so she didn’t feel much weight with the “you’re my friend” notion.

Jason Lawson (2:01:17 PM):He has lied to her about the vampire thing, but I honestly feel he does see her as a friend.

Jessica Rae (2:01:46 PM):In what way? He’s only joined the council for his own benefit. And he tried to kill her daughter.

Jason Lawson (2:01:48 PM):I feel terrible for Liz though.

Jason Lawson (2:02:49 PM):Just by the way he’s been with her. I know some may be like “oh it’s because he’s on the council to basically protect himself”. I’ve just felt there was more there when it came to Liz.

Jason Lawson (2:03:26 PM):It didn’t seem fake to me though. I think if he wanted to kill her he would have.

Jessica Rae (2:04:03 PM):I don’t think it would be prudent to kill her, is all. He doesn’t have a problem killing when it benefits him.

Jessica Rae (2:04:14 PM):But anyway, it was a great episode with some solid stuff.

Jason Lawson (2:04:59 PM):Damon has killed before just to kill though. Also, yes brilliant episode!

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