It’s our inaugural post for The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project! In this chapter, Melissa from The Televixen (@TheTelevixen) and I chatted almost directly after the episode aired on EST. (I say almost, because of course I was the one who was planning things to go smoothly and then had a hiccup in time management!)

I had a lot of fun talking with Melissa about everything from Dawson’s Creek, a possible Caroline/Tyler pairing, and Bonnie’s trademarked “hatorade-eyes.”

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Jessica (10:44:39 PM): Ahh, I haven’t seen it yet!


Melissa (10:45:16 PM): I was tweeting very vaguely!

Jessica (10:45:37 PM): Hahaha, no no – I didn’t mean that. I just meant right now, you could be like “well, Jessica, you missed THIS AND THIS.”

Jessica (10:45:56 PM): I never mind tweeters who tweet stuff, I kind of just know to avoid twitter when I want to watch a show before spoilers.

Jessica (10:57:47 PM): I can call you Sexy Vixen of TV and Film.

Jessica (10:58:11 PM): Or Sexenvision.

Melissa (10:58:29 PM): LOL!

Jessica (10:58:32 PM): That makes you sound like a cyber porno service, perhaps…

Melissa (10:58:54 PM): never mind … I jokingly said I was going to start a phone sex service for genre TV fans …

Melissa (10:59:03 PM): but I think there may be a market for it

Jessica (10:59:11 PM): Um. If I was going to be a call girl, that’s totally the niche I’d want!

Melissa (10:59:35 PM): I’d go with the whole “I’ll be your Viper pilot if you be my CAG”

Jessica (10:59:54 PM): I don’t know that show. But I totally get what you mean, and I love that so much. Hahaha.

Jessica (10:59:59 PM): TV nerds would be so into it.

Melissa (10:59:59 PM): BSG

Jessica (11:00:06 PM): I know the word frak!

Melissa (11:00:44 PM): Frak is a regular part of my vocab

Jessica (11:00:58 PM): I think there should be a cereal called Frak, Crackle and Pop.

Jessica (11:06:32 PM): I want to give you a pre-interview right now. Because you’ve seen it and I haven’t. So I will try to trick a spoiler from you.

Jessica (11:07:46 PM): Does Bonnie give hate-eyes at many people tonight?

Melissa (11:08:45 PM): once or twice 😉

Jessica (11:09:20 PM): Is Damon a puppydog for Katherine and/or Elena?

Melissa (11:10:14 PM): more like lap dog!

Jessica (11:10:42 PM): Is Stefan a jealous Doberman? Haha.

Melissa (11:11:41 PM): Stefan is very “manly”

Jessica (11:13:19 PM): Would you say there is a possibility I’ll see: sex, death, rock n roll or any combination of those? Haha

Melissa (11:13:44 PM): at least one of the three is a possibility

Jessica (12:21:40 AM): Aaaaaah!

Melissa (12:22:34 AM): I presume you’ve finished the episode?

Jessica (12:22:41 AM): You have pressumed correctly!

Melissa (12:23:04 AM): Unbelievable, eh?

Jessica (12:23:14 AM): I was so hoping you were lying about possible death. I mean, can Caroline be really dead?!!?

Melissa (12:23:40 AM): I’m thinking more undead

Jessica (12:24:11 AM): Right – because of the blood from Damon. …That is very exciting, actually. Caroline as a vampire is kind of like Harmony on BTVS.

Melissa (12:25:03 AM): but way less annoying!

Melissa (12:25:06 AM): IMO

Jessica (12:25:29 AM): Oh, way less. But still bouncy and cute and kind of naive. She’s not a super serious type. But, whew. Okay. So glad she’s not dead, can’t believe I forgot about the blood!

Jessica (12:25:41 AM): What did you think of Nina’s portrayal of Katherine in modern times?

Melissa (12:26:22 AM): I am loving the subtle differences

Melissa (12:26:45 AM): she’s so cold

Jessica (12:26:55 AM): She’s so playful, very much like a vixen. But like a playful tiger, where she can be sooo dangerous in an instant. Which is creepy (and wonderful.)

Jessica (12:27:16 AM): When Bonnie touched Katherine, do you think it was the cold, the lack of a pulse, or a general witchy feeling that let her know it wasn’t Elena?

Melissa (12:27:56 AM): I really think it was a combination of the three

Melissa (12:28:08 AM): She’s very much a beautiful, deadly beast

Jessica (12:28:25 AM): Bonnie’s gotten stronger. I wonder what kind of crazy witchy powers we’ll see this year.

Jessica (12:28:55 AM): Katherine-as-Elena had great hair. And I liked how that helped distinguish the two. Although so did the demeanor/clothing.

Melissa (12:29:42 AM): Bonnie has gotten stronger, but I get a sense her overconfidence may lead to something catastrophic

Jessica (12:30:37 AM): If I were her, I think I’d put on an overy confident front, too. She feels like she’s one of the only people who really understands the danger/threat, and who can do anything about it. Now with her Grams gone, and her best friend not wanting to go against vamps… I do understand her mind-set.

Jessica (12:31:06 AM): I think Bonnie would leave town if she didn’t feel she has a responsibility for things, somehow. Her families past, the history, and to her friends.

Melissa (12:31:08 AM): I also think she’s gotten too cocky too fast

Jessica (12:31:21 AM): True. She does have an attitude. Haha.

Melissa (12:31:21 AM): she needs to show more caution

Jessica (12:31:58 AM): So, I haven’t read any spoilers. But as for the Lockwoods…what do you think? Another supernatural creature like a werewolf?

Melissa (12:32:14 AM): It’s been confirmed that they’re werewolves

Jessica (12:32:33 AM): Ahh. Guess every vampire saga needs a good wolf or two, haha. I wonder why Tyler has no clue – no changes, or anything.

Melissa (12:32:44 AM): what caused them to become werewolves is the mystery I’m looking forward to learning about

Melissa (12:32:58 AM): well, there was that one change in the season finale, with Tyler’s eye

Jessica (12:33:26 AM): I wonder if vampires/were’s get along, or have a hatred, or have any thought at all. And well, clearly the vampire’s can’t sense the werewolves or Damon/Stefan would have picked up on that…

Jessica (12:33:43 AM): True. I just wasn’t sure what kind of creature he might be. I was rooting for a merman!

Melissa (12:34:15 AM): Damon clearly didn’t know that was why the device caused Mayor Lockwood to collapse

Melissa (12:34:47 AM): and it doesn’t look like Mrs Lockwood knows about the family secret

Jessica (12:34:50 AM): I’d like to think there are more werewolves living in town that we’ve seen, although most of them would have been affected if they were in range, I guess.

Jessica (12:34:58 AM): True. So the Mayer kept is a major secret. A male thing? Pft, always a boys club!

Melissa (12:35:17 AM): it’s okay … male weres are always hotter!

Jessica (12:35:29 AM): I think Bonnie needs to have a coven of badass witches!

Jessica (12:36:21 AM): Although, I don’t like it when it’s like a group of species vs another species, etc. I like inter-mingling of white hats and stuff.

Jessica (12:36:43 AM): Which TVD has going on, with humans and vampires and some who hate each other and some who are making out. Soo, yea.

Melissa signed off at 12:36:57 AM

Melissa signed on at 12:37:54 AM

Jessica (12:38:03 AM): Wb!

Jessica (12:38:08 AM): Did you get my last IMs?

Melissa (12:38:19 AM): Yeah, for some reason, AIM shut down on me

Jessica (12:38:29 AM): Sometime’s it’s dumb like that.

Melissa (12:38:33 AM): I got the coven of badass witches message

Jessica (12:38:48 AM): Oh, and then: Although, I don’t like it when it’s like a group of species vs another species, etc. I like inter-mingling of white hats and stuff.

: Which TVD has going on, with humans and vampires and some who hate each other and some who are making out. Soo, yea.

Melissa (12:38:56 AM): And I responded that I don’t know if they’ll go down that road … a coven

I think Mystic Falls is a lone witch kind of town

Jessica (12:39:13 AM): Yea? Probably. It makes Bonnie extra special.

Melissa (12:39:38 AM): Do you think they’ll pit wolves versus vamps, or do you think there will be some type of alliance

Jessica (12:40:19 AM): Well, we know hardly anything about the werewolves, so it’s so hard to say. I think it could go either way. And that’d be hard, since they have mutual friends. Well, I think Tyler is a friend…I think Jeremy might befriend Tyler, maybe.

Jessica (12:40:33 AM): They both need someone.

Melissa (12:41:35 AM): Yeah, I kinda got that feeling from that brief interaction between Tyler & Jeremy before Uncle Hottie interrupted them

Jessica (12:42:30 AM): You think Mason is hot? Anyone with the name MASON is always trouble!

Melissa (12:42:55 AM): I mean strictly from an aesthetic perspective

Jessica (12:43:21 AM): I never care for sandy-haired guys. Dark is my type. Speaking ooooof… Damon.

Melissa (12:44:08 AM): Yes, Damon … always second choice, always plan b

Jessica (12:45:19 AM): Ian was so good tonight. Damon was breaking my heart. I wonder if he’ll ever recover, fully, from his treacherous “die!jeremy!” act.

Melissa (12:46:03 AM): I don’t know … and I suspect it will take something beyond epic for Elena to ever get past that neck snapping

Jessica (12:46:25 AM): Yea. : / Which is NOT good news for people like me who totally ship Damon/Elena.

Melissa (12:48:11 AM): I can imagine how upset the Delena shippers are right now

Jessica (12:48:37 AM): We’ll pull through. *Sobs into pillow – not the pillow that not!killed Caroline, though*

Jessica (12:49:39 AM): Going back to that – do you think Katherine knew Caroline wouldn’t die? And why would she kill her with a pillow? That is so not badass. Not that I’m an expert on badassery.

Melissa (12:49:41 AM): Poor Caroline

Jessica (12:49:52 AM): Caroline will never stop being a cheerleader, dammit!

Melissa (12:50:10 AM): Katherine did know … Bonnie told her at the Lockwood Mansion

Melissa (12:50:25 AM): I think the pillow was just convenient & silent

Jessica (12:50:27 AM): Do you think Katherine just wanted someone on her team?

Jessica (12:50:43 AM): I’m getting rid of all pillows in my place. They’re dangerous.

Jessica (12:51:11 AM): Who knows when a doppleganger of my best friend will get invited in and try to smother my friend with one? IT’S JUST NOT SAFE.

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