The best highlights of The Vampire Diaries “Before Sunset.”

The very horror movie of it all when we could sense Caroline was in danger.
It looked painful!

Dodge ball with stakes was incredibly fun.
Especially when Damon yelled out “Missed me” in such a cocky manner.

Turning the truth of Elena’s quest to fight (certain) vampires against her was evil of New (admittedly evil) Alaric.
Using her parents against her was incredibly low. (“Do you actually think they’d be proud of you?”)

The moment of seeing Klaus telling Caroline to leave seemed like a trick.

But Caroline thanking Klaus was incredibly genuine. She trusted him. (She just shouldn’t have.)

Elena was smart to figure out that Alaric was tied to her own life.

Threatening to kill herself was a bold, scary move. Go Elena!

Tyler had to tough choice in deciding to show his hand or not.

The smartest move was what he did – pretending he was compelled but then going to call Stefan in secret.

Elena faced with both Salvatores at her door (in more ways than one.)
And then she finally admitted how selfish she was… finally. At least she’s aware!

The victory party!
Zach, Bonnie, Tyler, Elena, Jeremy… all the kids!

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