Here’s our Vampire Diaries season 2 “As I Lay Dying” Recap with an emphasis on what Bonnie  went through. So, let’s begin.

bonnie the vampire diaries

Trying to save Damon from his fatal werewolf bite meant it was magic time! Stefan went to Bonnie, who obliged him in trying to bring Emily around in a seance. The witches knew there was a cure – Klaus has it – but wouldn”t tell Stefan. Bonnie overheard the witches use the name “Klaus.” Of course, Klaus. It had to be Klaus – the one superhuman crazy mutant werewolf/vampire hybrid in the world! So yea, Stefan had to go find Klaus.

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Bonnie met up with Caroline and Jeremy to watch Gone with the Wind. Insisting she be allowed to take care of it, Bonnie tried to stop Jeremy from going off. But he’s Jeremy, and he’ll do what he wants!

After Sheriff Forbes had accidentally shot Jeremy, Bonnie was there with Caroline to remind everyone that Jeremy wouldn’t self-heal because the damage was done by a human. So Caroline fed Jeremy her blood. Big whoop. Only, that didn’t work. And Bonnie insisted that she needed to take Jeremy, and that she knew what to do. Alaric helped Bonnie, while the Sheriff and Caroline would have to deal with the rest of the cops. And by deal with, I don’t mean “off.” They’re not a deadly mother/daughter team – yet! Mwah ha ha.

Bonnie knew there was a spell to help Jeremy, if only the witches would give her the power to use it. But the witches were angry at Bonnie and didn’t want to help. They said there would be consequences, and let’s face it – Bonnie would never let something like that stop her. Especially not where Jeremy is concerned. Bleeding from the noise and crying, she called out to Emily for help. “I love him,” Bonnie confessed, giving way to sobbing. But the witches had helped, Jeremy was alive again. I was glad Bonnie didn’t go in for a kiss, she looked like her tears were made of snot (seriously, special effects person?), and the blood smeared over her lips was not a pretty sight. I don’t see what the allure in dating vampires is, does everyone forget to factor in the blood aspect? They have “blood breath” 24/7!

Later, Bonnie decided to skype it up with Jeremy. She flirted with Jer, and then told him goodnight. Jeremy said he didn’t feel quite normal, and I wondered if the consequences the witches talked about would affect him and his soul, or Bonnie’s. When Jeremy had some spooky nighttime visitors in the form of Anna and Vicki, it seems like the consequences were starting early. Nice, huh?