It was season 2 finale time on The Vampire Diaries tonight. Here’s a recap of what happened, with a focus on that dreamy Damon. Stop  by later for a recap that focuses on that dear Bonnie gal of ours.

The Vampire Diaries “As I Lay Dying” Recap with a focus on Damon Salvatore

Damon wasn’t playing nice with himself. Taking off his ring, what seemed like a nice moment for him to bask in the sun became a “I’ll just burn myself alive” moment. Luckily, Stefan swooped in and saved Damon from himself. People have to keep doing that… Anyway, Stefan made use of the cage downstairs and locked Damon up. It seems a little counter intuitive, but at least it keeps Damon safe. Although, would you want to be slowly dying and locked away without any comforts? That sucks. Remember how Rose had the big, comfy bed?

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We picked back up with Damon as he was beginning his hallucinations. Proving to us what is his true north (or, bitchy, two-faced north) he was thinking about Katherine back during the Civil War. Interestingly, Damon then brought Elena into his vision and she told him to stop letting Katherine toy with him. There’s a lot of meat to that moment. Damon see’s Elena as the only person in a bazillion or so years that can teach him to respect himself.

Alaric showed up to visit Damon at his sick pen (it’s not a sick bed!) and Damon accused him of being there for suicide watch. The pain was intensifying, and Damon’s guilt was coming out in spades. He told Alaric to hate him for turning his wife into a vampire and for getting Jenna killed. The answer to these problems was alcohol. Damon got a chance to get a chokehold on Alaric and insist that Alaric kill him. But Alaric comes prepared, and fought back.

Sheriff Forbes was leading an Ambush to capture Damon, and she walked into the cage with a gun. Damon was waiting, and knocked the Sheriff too the ground – SWOOSHBOOM.

Damon wandered around the Gone with the Wind festival, seeing Katherine yet again. Jeremy found him, but Damon was dead set on seeing Elena. The pair made it to The Grill, and Sheriff Forbes took a shot at Damon – whose self-survival instincts kicked in and he swooshed away again, leaving Jeremy the gunshot victim. Oops. Another reason to find Elena and apologize!

Damon found Elena, hallucinating that she was Katherine. To be fair, they do look like the same person.He went in to bite Katherine who was really Elena. But he realized it was Elena before any major damage was done.

Finally in a bed, Elena snuggled Damon to her bosom and held him. “No one forced me to love her. It was my choice,” Damon said to Elena, saying he always makes the wrong choice. “Tell Stefan I’m sorry,” he asked of Elena. Brother Stefan was out getting trashed, yo (on human blood.)

Katherine was “compelled” to bring the cure, Klaus’ blood, to Damon. Unfortunately, Katherine is on vervain now.

Damon was in his shame spiral, saying he deserved to die and how he was so glad to have met Elena. Once again, he was so sorry – especially for doing so many things to hurt her. “I love you. You should know that,” Damon said as fangirls squealed everywhere. “You shoulda met me in 1864. I think you woulda liked me.” Elena countered, “I like you now. Just the way you are.” As Damon’s eyes closed, she went in for a kiss (more platonic than sensual.)

Just in time, Katherine arrived with the cure. “I owed you one,” she said to Damon.

Stefan had sacrificed everything to save Damon, making Damon ready to feel all the more guilty for The Vampire Diaries season 3!  (I can just see Damon now, “Yay, now I get to be responsible for tons more deaths.”) We also know that Klaus and Stefan will be hunting down Katherine, so we’ll see Katherine in season 3.  Yaaaay.