So, here’s just a fun little promo graphic for TONIGHT, which is a big night if you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, and/or excited for the series premiere of Nikita. Having seen the pilot for Nikita, I gotta say that Maggie Q is really perfect in this role.

I don’t dislike Shane West, but I do find myself having a hard time warming up to his character. I’ve really always liked West, but in Nikita he sounds a bit like Batman with such a low, gravely voice.  Like, “THIS IS A SERIOUS DRAMA, LISTEN TO MY SERIOUS VOICE NOW!”

I’m so invested n the promise that Nikita has, that I’ve already whipped up a style post to dress like Nikita.

Don’t forget that you better tune-in to The CW tonight for The Vampire Diaries and then Nikita.