Okay guys, are you ready to re-live your favorite lines from The Vampire Diaries episode “American Gothic”? If you’re not….uh, go do ten crunches and then come back and tell me if you’re ready THEN.


He sounds like a real party-guy
Silas: Resist me all you want, Klaus, but until you bring me the cure I will bring you nothing but misery.

So morbid, girls
Katherine: It’s a beautiful place to die.
Rebekah: You’re right. This is a beautiful place to die.


Can it be both?

Katherine: Are you really that dumb? Or just naturally blonde?


Okay, Damon wins for most fun line of the night
Damon: No sudden moves. No tricks, either. No Katherine-ing.


He’ll phone stalk you anyway
Caroline: If you need anything else… don’t call me. I have a prom to plan.


Bonus shirtless Klaus: