Below are pictures released by The CW to promote The Vampire Diaries “All My Children.”

claire holt

Kol confronts Rebekah. Maybe he’s telling her that her hair looks better like this than it did when she had it greased back at the ball.

ian somerhalder

Damon Salvatore often has what in his hands? Answer: a drink!

Is Damon taking off his ring?

kol the vampire diaries

Why is Kol so mopey? He seems like trouble.

Is it just us, or does Paul Wesley look a bit like a puppy?

rebekah kol

Why is Rebekah still in her fancy green dress?

rebekah vampire diaries

A gorgeous photograph of Claire Holt.

stefan salvatore

Time to brood, Stefan!

stefan salvatore

The fire is often roaring, but we never see them starting it. Ah well.