Once you get over the fact that this truth-or-dare in the library schtick was used in the 90’s by Kevin Williamson in the best episode of Dawson’s Creek, you’ll still love this TVD episode anyway. So, here are the best of The Vampire Diaries quotes from season 4, episode 10 – “After School Special”.

The Vampire Diaries Quote s- “After School Special”

Well, this was a quick reveal…
April: and I know you’re a vampire.

Mean Girls suck…
April: Was that necessary?
Rebekah: No, but it was fun.

Who doesn’t love the sarcastic, silly Ripper?

Stefan: I’m at a mandatory all alone drinking party.

You should never bet against this girl…

Rebekah: I hope you’re not waiting for Caroline to show up and stake me. Cause I already found her.

Well, he’s certainly current…
Damon Salvatore Quotes: I’ve updated our relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

Damon: That’s for Carol Lockwood.

And she’s a little pissed off about being daggered once again…

Elena Gilbert Quotes: I think you’re sad, and bored, and in desperate need of a hobby.

Delena fans will love this…
Elena: I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.

She knows all the right questions to ask…
Rebekah: Are you still in love with Stefan?
Elena: No.

Very interestingly worded….

Elena Gilbert: When he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy.

Who doesn’t love that story?
Damon: If you’re here for payback, go for it. Cause you’ll be stuck babysitting the little hunter that could.

Wow, the show is really doing this…

Elena Gilbert: I love you, Damon. I love you.

Damon Salvatore: Look, I’m gonna get this cure for you. And I’m gonna have to do things you’re not gonna like. Listen carefully. Get in your car, right now. Come to me.

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