Chloe (TVD_Chloe) and I had a bit of trouble finding a time to talk about The Vampire Diaries episode “Bad Moon Rising” because her electricity kept going out. But we finally got together to discuss all things Tyler Lockwood.

I bring you another edition of The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project

Take note of: Our suspicion of Caroline’s Mom, whether a vampire and werewolf could date, and my wish that Kevin Williamson would have had a Twitter account back during his Dawson’s Creek days.

Jessica Rae (6:01:47 PM): Alright. So. BAD MOON RISING.

Chloe (6:01:57 PM): Was BAD ASS.

Jessica Rae (6:02:10 PM): How many BAD (meaning good) puns could we make?

Chloe (6:02:55 PM): I’m assuming a lot because honestly…all I have to say is Lockwood and BAD is written all over that family. Yummy.

Jessica Rae (6:03:43 PM): I am also a fan of bad boys, although I’m still more of a Damon fan. I think it’s interesting that Damon wants to investigate the Lockwoods so much when he knows it’s bad news.

Chloe (6:05:14 PM): Well, he HAS to know what’s going on. It’s Damon. He needs the thrill of insulting the personal lives of the ones around him. His Lockwoods are just his next target. I’m more of a Stefan girl myself. Although I do love the occasional Damon, I just feel as though he needs to man up. These past couple of episodes he hasn’t been himself and it depresses me.

Jessica Rae (6:05:59 PM): Well, Katherine is kind of his achilles heel, I think. Plus, his brother macked (do kids still say macked?) on his girlfriend. All suckitude. And he’s the only responsible one around to take care of poor Caroline.

Chloe (6:08:32 PM): Wait a second, are you talking about Stefan? I meant Damon hasn’t been himself. All mopy and over dramatic. But I do agree with you on the Stefan part. Poor Caroline. I’m loving Paul and Candice’s scenes together, I almost like them better then Paul and Nina’s!

Jessica Rae (6:10:10 PM): Ooooh. Yea, I meant Stefan. But Damon is all weirdface now, too. I REALLY love Paul and Candice’s scenes together. I can’t believe Damon wanted to kill her. And Bonnie? I am not against Kat Graham in any way, but I am so mad at Bonnie these days. She wouldn’t let Caroline pick her ring, and she probably wants to kill her.

Chloe (6:12:18 PM): I know right! It’s like, if I’m going to have to wear a piece of jewelry for the rest of eternity…I better have a say in it. And Bonnie had no reason to go all “voodoo fire crazy” on Damon when SHE was the one who told Damon to give Caroline blood in the first place! She better think that through next time! By the way, I thought the ring scene was really…dull. I expected some hocus pocus awesomeness and it was just…blah.

Jessica Rae (6:13:18 PM): It would have been cool if there had been more to the spell. Like, burying it in the moonlight and taking the ring out in the sun. But I think it gave a nice moment where we were like…did Bonnie even DO the spell, or would she let Caroline fry in the sun.

Chloe (6:14:54 PM): Oooh speaking of the “moon and sun” how cool was the mythology behind the werewolves and the vampires? I was really interested in how they were going to make our wolves seperate from True Blood or Twilight and the “bite” was the perfect touch!

Jessica Rae (6:15:55 PM): Oh, I LOVE that there is a deadly bite. It gives the vampires something to FEAR other than the lives of the humans they love. I’m a fan of the werewolves, although I think Mason should tell Tyler what he is, right?

Chloe (6:16:49 PM): I think Mason will HAVE to tell Tyler because Tyler figured it out when Mason was right in front of him. My question is, is the reason Tyler didn’t turn because he had the moon rock? Hmm…

Jessica Rae (6:17:54 PM): Well, has Tyler ever turned before? If he did, maybe he blacked out? Or maybe it happens once he’s a certain age? The moon rock is interesting, and it’s obviously powerful in some way. I don’t know why the werewolf thing was kept a secret from Tyler, from his Dad and Uncle. Like, tell me if I have crazy powers, dudes!

Chloe (6:19:06 PM): I know! What I’m thinking is that maybe the Mayor didn’t even KNOW about the wolf thing. I mean, it be hard to miss, but maybe it only affects some of the family. I’m not sure if you understand what I mean, but if the trait is hereditary and you know some genetics it could skip a generation.

Chloe (6:19:58 PM): I just find it really hard to believe that he would set off that device, knowing it may affect him and still do it. And how would his WIFE not even know?

Jessica Rae (6:20:47 PM): Well, the Mayor died because he’s a werewolf, but maybe the stone kept him from turning and he didn’t KNOW that he was one? That makes sense. And maybe they thought it wouldn’t affect Tyler? Yea. As for the device, maybe he thought it would only affect vampires, not werewolves. His wife seems kind of don’t ask/don’t tell. They are a family of SEEECRETS.

Chloe (6:21:13 PM): BIG BAD SECRETS!

Jessica Rae (6:21:16 PM): I say that smash the egg and let everyone have a piece!

Jessica Rae (6:21:21 PM): Ooh, nice wolf pun ;p

Chloe (6:21:42 PM): But what if it’s something that a witch cursed like the rings?

Chloe (6:21:58 PM): I mean…spelled…these witchy terms confuse me. 😉

Jessica Rae (6:22:24 PM): Very possible. I mean, that makes sense.

Jessica Rae (6:23:02 PM): Matt and Caroline are over, but I was not a fan of Matt sooooo, I don’t feel so bad. But I also DO feel bad, for both of them. And I totally called in episode 1 (jokingly) that Katherine would recruit Caroline!

Jessica Rae (6:23:17 PM): And then THERE SHE IS, ALL, LET’S BE PALS, CAR!

Chloe (6:23:41 PM): Okay so this may be WAY off topic, but I have to bring it up because I’ve been talking with several people about it. How in the world did Caroline and Katherine BOTH get in her house without Caroline’s moms permission? I seriously think there is more to her mom then we know. Think about it this way, she was knocked out when the device went off so we have NO way of knowing if she’s some sort of mythical creature.

Jessica Rae (6:24:56 PM): Hmmm. That is a VERY good point. If she was a werewolf, it makes sense she’d be so against the vampires. But she might not know if she’s anything. Caroline getting in is weird…I guess they could say that in a scene we didn’t see Stefan glamored the Mom into inviting Caroline in? And the mom could have invited Katherine in at some point, thinking she was Elena?

Jessica Rae (6:25:12 PM): When Caroline and her Mom have a confrontation, that’ll be a great scene.

Chloe (6:25:46 PM): I have confirmation from a…er…VERY high up source in the show that we are over thinking it and they didn’t think it was a scene they needed to show again. Hmmm.

Jessica Rae (6:26:09 PM): Ooo, mysterious sources. ;p

Chloe (6:26:12 PM): BUT you never know with this show. Seriously. Things get all twisted and now they’re all wolfy.

Jessica Rae (6:26:26 PM): Well, I think it’s fun to think of the possibilities. And they could always go back, change their minds, and make it into something more.

Chloe (6:28:18 PM): EXACLTLY. And as you were saying with the whole Matt thing…I really was upset when Caroline broke up with him. I was really hoping she’d try to find a way to work it out. BUT it also shows how she really is trying to control her “vampness” to the best of her ability and she really doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I liked that they made Stefan feel vulnerable about not letting Elena go when he should have and I’m almost glad Caroline did let Matt go. Wow…I definitely just changed my mind in that sentence…

Jessica Rae (6:29:28 PM): Heheheh. 😀 See, maybe I was tired when I watched, but I don’t remember thinking that Caroline was making the break up happen on purpose, so much as she couldn’t help being so overly-everything. But I love her even more that she made that hard choice.

Jessica Rae (6:29:49 PM): Even though Stefan said that keeping close ties to her human life was important, she is too dangerous, really.

Chloe (6:30:30 PM): Yeah you could tell that she did it on purpose. Almost as though she KNEW Matt had to be the one to break up with her or he wouldn’t give up. It was so bittersweet and emotional. Aww. Poor Matt. He better be the one to kill Katherine and get his revenge.

Jessica Rae (6:31:25 PM): Ah, I was thinking she just couldn’t control herself from being that way, since all her emotions were heightened. But yea. So freakin’ sad : / I think Caroline + Tyler would be hot.

Chloe (6:31:37 PM): Well….SPOILER ALERT.

Chloe (6:31:54 PM): Did you know that they have a child in the book series?

Jessica Rae (6:32:10 PM): Caroline and Tyler have a child? No, I haven’t read the books.

Chloe (6:32:13 PM): But, Caroline isn’t a vampire in the book. So…that is an issue.

Jessica Rae (6:32:28 PM): I think they pick and choose what to use from the books. But that gives me hope!

Chloe (6:32:49 PM): Do you really think Tyler would date a vampire after figuring out what he is?

Jessica Rae (6:33:10 PM): Well, sure! Like, the ultimate Romeo and Juliet love/hate thing? Hehe. WARRING FAMILIES/SPECIES?

Jessica Rae (6:33:18 PM): I mean, if a vampire and a human can date…

Jessica Rae (6:33:45 PM): I think we need to see more of poor Aunt Jenna, btw. Like, she needs plot.

Chloe (6:34:18 PM): It would be really nice to see. Especially because Tyler and Caroline are almost in the same place. They both are “new” at what they are. And seriously, Jenna is almost just a prop that they throw around from scene-to-scene to fill time. It’s like, GIVE HER A SEX SCENE OR SOMETHING.

Chloe (6:34:34 PM): #moreabsforjenna?

Chloe (6:34:36 PM): 😉

Jessica Rae (6:34:40 PM): Yea, make her all happy so they can destroy her life at least! Lmao.

Jessica Rae (6:34:59 PM): I had a random note about loving the way Ian Somerhalder pronounced “Petrova” 😀

Chloe (6:35:36 PM): I don’t remember him saying it funny…oh wait! Did he say it in an accent? I think I faintly remember that.

Jessica Rae (6:35:44 PM): Kind of, just very…accents are hot, man!

Jessica Rae (6:36:46 PM): I wish Elena would be meaner to Damon. Right now she just seems kind of snarky in a more childish way.

Jessica Rae (6:37:08 PM): He tried to kill her brother, she’s warranted to be pissed. But she forgives him SO easily. Not that I don’t want Delena. But I want it earned.

Chloe (6:37:23 PM): I completely agree. She should have given him a taste of his own medicine….in a meaner way.

Chloe (6:38:03 PM): I’m not so sure what else she could do since she’s Elena and it would be out of character, but it just seems like she’s always forgiving him when in realty most people would want revenge…BIG BAD REVENGE!

Chloe (6:38:35 PM): Okay interruption

Jessica Rae (6:38:36 PM): I guess she’s just wired to be too nice and forgiving. Not that there should be a thing as “too forgiving” since it’s the right thing to do, blah blah. But I just feel she’s SO nice.


Chloe (6:38:46 PM): sorry.

Chloe (6:38:47 PM): haha

Jessica Rae (6:38:49 PM): WHAAAT.

Chloe (6:38:57 PM):

Chloe (6:39:10 PM): He talks about talks about 15-16 year old girls raising and organizing money for the NWF!

Chloe (6:39:18 PM): And thats…mostly me!

Chloe (6:39:24 PM): That he knows of anyway. 😀

Jessica Rae (6:39:28 PM): 😀 Man, I adore him.

Chloe (6:39:36 PM): I want to meet him so freaking bad.

Jessica Rae (6:39:53 PM): He tweeted a link to my TV blog once, although it was like just a link to pics more than anything well-written. Such a bummer that I didn’t write something cool there.

Chloe (6:40:16 PM): Ah you lucky girl!

Jessica Rae (6:40:22 PM): That’s how life feels sometimes, you work so hard at some things, and then the things you don’t are the things that get noticed. Irony.

Chloe (6:40:48 PM): SERIOUSLY! Like my vlog. I never thought in a million years the cast would see it and bring me to wear I am now.

Jessica Rae (6:41:18 PM): It’s an interactive environment, and I think it’s cool. Merging the worlds. 🙂

Jessica Rae (6:42:09 PM): I think things like Twitter finally give the actors who want to be more involved with fans, a platform to do so more than anything else has in such a casual format.

Jessica Rae (6:42:51 PM): Like, celebs had Myspace accounts but then they felt like they had to write a ton of stuff with every update. Zach Braff had a blog and he couldn’t update it a ton, and fans were harping on him.

Chloe (6:44:29 PM): I totally agree. It gives them freedom to express themselves to their fans and give their fans the experience to feel as though they know them a bit better.

Jessica Rae (6:44:50 PM): Doubly agreed 🙂 And I love that a lot of TVD people are out there.

Chloe (6:44:59 PM): SERIOUSLY!

Jessica Rae (6:45:20 PM): I love reading Kevin Williamson’s twitter feed. I’ve loved him since Dawson’s Creek…which may be a bit before your time…but, great show.

Chloe (6:45:35 PM): yeah, never seen Dawson’s Creek. xD

Jessica Rae (6:45:58 PM): If he’d had twitter back during the 90’s, I would have been SO happy. I mean, it’s just another way to expand the experience of fandom. And AHHH, you must! It’s such a great series!

Jessica Rae (6:47:03 PM): I actually compare the characters in the shows a lot. Because in DC it was a love triangle of Dawson/Joey/Pacey. And in TVD it’s Stefan/Elena/Damon and they are VERY similar. I mean, they even look similar in tone. And the type of personality they have…so similar.

Jessica Rae (6:47:28 PM): Both Stefan and Dawson have light hair, they’re the nice ones. The “soul mate” people you figure the Elena/Joey should be with.

Jessica Rae (6:47:41 PM): Elena/Joey are both nice girl-next-door types with long brunette hair 😛

Chloe (6:47:46 PM): Haha…and this is where you loose me..

Chloe (6:47:53 PM): No idea who these characters are!

Jessica Rae (6:47:56 PM): And Pacey/Damon is the type who doesn’t fit in. Joksters with dark emotions.

Jessica Rae (6:48:05 PM): Well, they are very much the same 😛

Chloe (6:48:24 PM): Ah okay okay. I gotcha. Sorry for the interruption. I just has a fangirl moment. AH!

Jessica Rae (6:48:30 PM): In some ways, it feels like KW is just kind of making the same show. The same love triangle – which was based on his own life. Hehe. 😀

Chloe (6:49:37 PM): Alright…so vampire diaries…haha 😉

Jessica Rae (6:49:50 PM): Yeees, yess. Well, anything more to say on Bad Moon Rising?

Chloe (6:50:19 PM): Bad Moon Rising…did we cover most of it? Am I missing anything?

Jessica Rae (6:51:08 PM): I think we covered our bases.

Jessica Rae (6:51:41 PM): I am the most excited about Katherine/Caroline this week, if we see anything.

Chloe (6:53:33 PM): SERIOUSLY! I really hope it looks realistic.

Jessica Rae (6:53:46 PM): Wait, that what looks realistic?

Chloe (6:54:10 PM): Oh wait. I thought you meant Elena/Katherine. MY BAD! 😉

Jessica Rae (6:54:20 PM): Oooh, I am excited for THAT, too. 😀

Jessica Rae (6:54:28 PM): There’s a lot of good things to look foward too. HUZZAH.

Chloe (6:54:46 PM): I heard this is a lot of the cast’s favorite episode.

Jessica Rae (6:54:58 PM): Ooooh. Your ear is to the underground.