If only

John Mayer tried to save the day...if only they LET him!

Nikki Reed was on It’s on with Alexa Chung. Reed proved to be a big ol’ girly fan of John Mayer. I’m guessing Reed isn’t in this movie a ton because the clip they showed of her hardly has her in it. The interview went on to be even more insulting because they took a super long time to show a clip of Kristen Stewart being interviewed. You have NIKKI right THERE – talk to HER.

“I don’t know what to say about that situation. …We thought the boat died and we were gonna go and drown… I guess…I don’t even know if I really peed…maybe a little, I was scared!” – Nikki Reed

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John Mayer came on out and he had a great idea for the rest of the segment – to just do something original and talk. But Alexa Chung stayed on format and missed out on giving us some truly cool TV. Luckily, Mayer did stay and chill on the couch with them both. Or maybe it wasn’t entirely lucky… Embarrassing for Reed, she had to admit that when Kristen Stewart said, “And she, I’m not kidding, peed on me” it wasn’t a lie. Right there in front of John Mayer, Reed said that YES she DID pee on Kristen – just a little! Another video after the jump.