Guest mentor Edward Lee stopped by ‘The Taste’ to taste everything from coconut curry broth to ginger soup with chicken noodles.

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PHOTO: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Pro’s of this episode of ‘The Taste’

  • Anthony Bourdain hates high-fiving.
  • Jeff Kawakami cooked with Ramen.
  • A helpful reminder that you should never cut basil with a knife.
  • “I have herb concerns over here.” – Anthony Bourdain
  • Reina Bazzi mocking Nigella was so, so delicious.
  • Nigella, inexplicably, chooses to lay and lounge upon a couch while everyone else sits upright around her.
  • We get a zoom on the brand of the oven, and then hear Crystal tell us how the oven keeps losing heat and acting badly. In terms of promotion, that’s not something you want.
  • Cassandra and Lee.
  • Nigella’s team is called “Hot Mess.”
  • Jacquelyn laughed out loud when the chefs mocked Jay Quall’s dish. That’s delightful.

Con’s of this episode of ‘The Taste’

  • The theme of “my life on a plate” seems …impossible. What if you’re schizophrenic?
  • Trying to make a vegetarian eat meat. Don’t be a jerk, Ludo.
  • Caassandra Bodzak doesn’t even know how to prep a chicken? That’s awfully basic for a budding chef to not know.
  • Audrey Johns is there to promote her blog, more than to win. Get outta here.
  • We lost Reina, who was the best – craziest – entertainment we had.
  • Audrey completely disavowed her personal values about healthy food to do whatever Marcus tells her to do.
  • Grainy and watery wasabi mashed potatoes.