Scott M. Gimple and Nathan Fillion joined Chris Hardwick for The Talking Dead.

the walking dead season 4 rick hershel 30 days without an accident

The Talking Dead on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1 “30 Days Without an Accident”- The Walking Dead Trivia

  • Andrew Lincoln said that there has been an “evolution of morals” on the show. Being so tough and hard was, “just not working.”
  • The three questions is a litmus test, and kind of a buffer when first meeting people.
  • Rick’s big transformation has been letting people in.
  • It’s been six or seven months since season 3.
  • Some people thought Clara would be a zombie who could talk and was a hybrid.
  • Clara’s husband, Eddie, was a head in a bag.
  • Clara did say, “it’s just ahead” meaning…”it’s just a head.”
  • There was never a time when they were going to show Eddie’s head in the bag.
  • Clara saying, “you don’t get to come back from the things you’ve done” was like a curse on Rick.
  • Carl is “very much the son” again to Rick once again. Their roles are more traditional, now.
  • Rick is not part of The Council.
  • Note that Patrick coughed all over that water supply for the shower.
  • Patrick got sick, maybe, from an air bourne virus.
  • Beth wasn’t faking fine about Zach’s death, she was truly …okay.
  • Beth (Emily Kinney) was compared to Taylor Swift, and how both are super tough ladies.
  • And is Beth into Daryl? Maybe. It will play out over the season. (Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus, look out!)
  • A set was designed, specifically, for walkers to fall through the ceiling. They really did fall.
  • Hershel’s new prosthetic leg was found on a group run.
  • The Walking Dead Trivia! For the scene where Scott Wilson (Hershel) is kneeling in the garden with Rick, he had to bury his right leg into the ground.
  • The Walking Dead Trivia! Six weeks before shooting, fruits and veggies were planted into the prison yard for their garden. (And then deers ran through and nearly ruined it all.)
  • Nathan Fillion believes that Carol teaching the kids about weapons is a smart move.
  • Fillion also watches security camera of liquor stores on youtube.
  • Fillion also thinks all kids should (in a zombie environment) learn how to climb trees and tie ropes so they can swing to other trees.
  • Adults have to adjust their “moral compass” but for kids, this is the world they know. They’re more practical.
  • This season will have a theme of kids versus adults. Some of the adults will have to grow up, in fact.
  • There will be many more new characters for this season.
  • Josh McDermott will play Dr. Eugene Porter, Michael Cudlitz will play Sergeant Abraham Ford, Christian Serrattos will be Rosita Espinosa.
  • “Daryl, because he deserves it.” – Nathan Fillion, on which one character he wants to see survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Scott M. Gimple says this season will be like a, “greatest hits” season.

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