Covering a George Jones song, this pair got intimate with fans.


“We can’t do it like George, but we can do it for him.”

Performance Remarks

Adam thought it was great and called it a beautiful rendition. “This country…is country.” – Adam

“You delivered it.” – Adam

Blake was a huge fan of George Jones, and was so happy about this performance. “For you guys to honor the possum tonight… on a show like this, it’s a big chance…and kudos. I think this is ya’lls breakout moment.” – Blake

I have to admit, guys, these dues are talented. I enjoy their stuff. It’s always got a great sense of kinship…not just between each other…but out to the listeners. They really bring you in and make it seem like they’re singing just for you. Crap, I just realized I am officially a fan of The Swon Brothers! Ah well!

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