It’s their likeability that makes them magnetic. It’s the first duo to ever get to the finals, from Team Blake,  The Swon Brothers!

"The Swon brothers win people over with their personalities. and then they keep them there with their talent." - Blake Shelton

“The Swon Brothers win people over with their personalities. And then they keep them there with their talent.” – Blake Shelton on The Swon Brothers

And from the start, they wanted to s’win this whole thing as they give “swoncerts.”

Tonight, they covered “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles, to show off their vocals.

Sample Lyrics: “Every time I try to walk away, something makes me turn around and stay.”

As they sang, Shakira had a flag that said “Go Okies.” Cute, right? Meanwhile, I was wondering if we would have sent either one of the brothers through if they’d auditioned as singles. No, I think the special magic is in their chemistry with each other, and how they get to joke around and make everyone smile and be happy when they’re being watched.

Meanwhile, the camera went in on an intense Adam Levine, who was probably like, “They’re using that high voice that *I* always do!” But he said he was very proud of them for doing this cover. So apparently he’s not feeling competitive anymore.

Usher said it was great they found the girl part of their voice. He was glad to see them do something other than country, and evolving.

Shakira is the new Okie from Columbia, ya hear? She’s a big fan.

Blake said he thought this is the best season of The Voice so far.

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