America’s Got Talent actually does have talented acts. Who knew? We dipped our toe into the show’s reservoir to catch a couple performances and see what perked some interest. If you recall, we did not like Sandie and Kaya.

The judges of America’s Got Talent, photo from

The Strange Familiar performed “Time After Time” on America’s Got Talent. It didn’t start off great to our ears, but it did get better. It’s obvious to us that their vocalist has extreme talent.

Sharon said, “I’m not sure, I have to be brutally honest with you. I adore your voice. But I didn’t like the song choice. I love the song… but I don’t think you did justice to yourself. … It just didn’t suit your voice.”

Howie said, “You’re looking for the Wow factor. And you were good. But it wasn’t “wow”. The strange thing was, it just was so familiar.”

Morgan said, “I thought 20 seconds were great, and the rest of it was mediocre. Your whole wardrobe is completely wrong. This looks like something from the mid 80’s. .. I would honestly get rid of the band. You are a solo artist.”

For more, visit the America’s Got Talent website. You can also visit The Strange Familiar website.

The Strange Familiar performing “You Can’t Go Back” is after the jump.