The Steal is a new addition to The Voice season 3. Let’s talk about how it works.

If someone doesn’t win their battle, that’s sad. But it’s not over yet! A coach can then steal them.

Each coach is allowed two steals. The “loser” of the battle round can thank their coach, briefly. This is the time where the other coaches can then push their button to have a steal. If two coaches push their button, the coaches then have to fight to be picked.

The first “Steal” on The Voice season 3 came when Adam Levine didn’t pick Collin McLoughlin. But both Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green both wanted him! In the end, Blake won.

The second steal was for Amanda Brown, pulled off by Adam Levine. He was going up against Christina and Blake.

Now, what do you guys think of The Steal?

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