The Sonos were the first group on The Sing Off to really capture my attention on the second episode of The Sing Off on NBC tonight. They covered “Wicked Game” originally sung by Chris Isaak. It may not have been perfect, but this was an inspiring number that I’d listen to again.

Shawn  Stockman – That song arrangement was ambitious. You guys, I believe, have the potential of doing great things. I just didn’t feel it like I wanted to feel it.

Sara Bareilles -Sonos, it’s so exciting to see you up on the stage. I really loved the arrangement and I though ti twa sreally sexy. I thought the fast kickass beatboxing was a really interesting way to reinvent that song. I think you guys did a really wonderful job.

Ben Folds -Ben, your beatboxing is the future. It’s really tasteful. The arrangement was really great.

On the down side, the judges were concerned the arrangement didn’t sound complete. They also thought the harmonies could use some work.

In the first elimination of the night on The Sing Off, the Sonos were saved!

Sonos is a Los Angeles-based professional vocal group, formed in 2006 as a recording project that grew into a vocal band. They blend their voices together in perfect harmony through years of experience and live electronic effects that set them apart. The five members met in school and through various singing connections in Los Angeles. The unique group includes different types of singers who have studied different facets of music and performance. They have released two albums to date, with a third upcoming album this year. Sonos tours continuously and is a polished group of singers with a slick and captivating live sound. – NBC

Group members include: Rachel Bearer, Jessica Freedman, Chris Harrison, Kathy Hoye and Benjamin McLain.