It’s the final freakin’ four on The Sing-Off Season 4!

Home Free has grown on me. I'll admit it. Photo: NBC

Home Free has grown on me. I’ll admit it. Photo: NBC

Who is still on The Sing-Off?

Home Free, Filharmonic, Vocal Rush, Ten

Folk Rock Jewel Cleavage Check

They are PERKY tonight, guys. Why does she have to show so much cleav every time? I PONDER this way too often, as I feel it cheapens her whole look. It’s like wearing a Herve Leger bandage dress to every event, it’s too much SEX. …And I can’t believe I’m saying that in regards to an acapella singing show on NBC.

The Opening

Well, there’s one way to get me excited and it’s to cover a Florence and the Machine song. YAY. “Shake it Out” was the song. It started off good, but in the middle it was a bit shaky during “shake it up, shake it out.” But then CHECK THIS OUT – Austin Brown of Home Free won me over with a solo moment. I’m willing to give Home Free a new chance, because…they’re not so bad as I used to think. But I might sometimes tease and call them HOME FRIES, which is actually a compliment, as I love me some home fries for brunch.

Surprisingly, they aren’t doing Christmas covers. I guess…because they’d only sell during Christmastime? (Yes, corporate greed is always in the mix.)

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Judges Choice Songs

Tonight, the groups perform songs the judges picked for them. I think this makes it easier than usual for the groups, because the judges are SMART and know what the groups can do best.

Filharmonic – “Baby I Need Your Loving”

They’ve escaped elimination in The Ultimate Sing Off twice now. I happen to love them. Tonight, they’re singing mo-town, and I predict CUTENESS + SWAGGER. Their video package was humorous as always, showing them singing no matter what else they’re doing. I want to note that one of them (Trace Gaynor) resembles John Cho…which makes me happy.

Nick Lachey sings with them a bit during rehearsals, reminding me that he really does have vocal talent and knowledge no matter how lame he sometimes seems.

Shawn Stockman said they should pay attention to details, but he locked their harmonies better tonight. Jewel like that they didn’t try to re-invent the song too much. But she missed “a climax. Which gets a little frustrating when you’re not able to reach that.” Heh. Ben Folds mentioned that they have a HUGE likeability factor, which can take them far.

“How dare you guys not allow Jewel to reach her climax!” – Nick Lachey

Ten – “Proud Mary”

They are jam-packed with talent, and they’re inventive. They also have a couple people that I REALLY like. This time, their outfits really win – the black and white was awesome. (Yes, I’ll always care about fashion.) This performance was full of energy – which is vital with a song like this.

The judges thought they should take a few more risks. Shawn especially thought the song was too “mellow” and “wimpy.” YIKES.

Home Free – “Colder Weather”

Time for a country ballad.

“Nick stopped by. Gosh darnit, he’s pretty.” – Tim Foust

I think Rob is my favorite.

Shawn thought some pitch fluctuation, but it was still a treat for him. Ben Folds said, “as artists, some of the greatest stuff we do is the scariest stuff we do.” He said we should always step off the ledge when we could. He really liked how generous their performance was. As always, Ben folds is a genius of wisdom and goofy hair.

Vocal Rush – “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)”

They’re so young that I kind of think that if they won, it’d be a nightmare of scheduling for them all. I’m not hip anymore, because I didn’t know the title of this song. Shrug. Nick Lachey talked to them for a while, and said butterflies, jitters and nerves are good. He also said that finding a wall and lean everything you have into it can help you relax. I think that might be kind of a good idea. Hey, the guy’s got years of experience, so of course he’s got some good methods and knowledge.

There’s a lyric in here about “get on my level” and it reminded me of when Hannah from Girls says that, and it’s always funny.

Jewel thought they, “did so many things right.” She also talked about something like a pyro blast? Piro? No, pyroblast, says Google. Shawn praised them for taking on songs with such power, and then dropping the mic and leaving.

The Ultimate Sing-Off – “Should I Say or Should I Go”

Home Free and Vocal Rush are SAFE.

Ten and Filharmonic had to go against each other. I’m rooting for Filharmonic. C’mon, guys! …Yet I’m afraid that Ten is winning this battle… So them winning this would only be fair. Dammit. Well, I like them all…

Who was eliminated on The Sing-Off tonight? Filharmonic.

The Sing-Off Season 4 final three: Ten, Vocal Rush, Home Free


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