Fine! If you insist, I’ll watch your silly little singing show. No, not the one with (Ryan) Seacrest, the one with (Nick) Lachey*.

the sing off season 2

(Note, the image was for season 1.)

And if you say you’re not insisting, I’m going to need to find another person to blame for the fact that I will not be missing an episode of The Sing-Off season 2. Reality TV shows seem like embarrassing guilty pleasures, but this one really has substance in the fact that, well, it’s good.

The Sing Off season 2 premiere is December 6th, 2010.

Famous people who have been in acapella groups: Peter Gallagher, Mindy Kaling, Andy Bernard from The Office. (Yes, I know he’s fictional.)

Famous people who have been to Acapulco: Probably a lot of them, I don’t know.

*I am totally on a last name basis with them all. Well, last name basis meaning as close as first name basis, except their last names are cooler. Also, I’m lying. Looks like you haven’t read THIS.

These previews show some of The Sing-Off season 2 contestants:

Put your hands together… The Sing-Off is back on December 6th!

One Rule: No Instruments

Ten singing groups perform your favorite songs – without using any instruments! The Sing-Off returns, December 6.

The Sing-Off Returns!

Watch ten a cappella groups compete for the top spot. The Sing-Off returns December 6.