As The Sing Off began their second night of season two, the groups all performed Kings of Leon “Use Somebody” together. Their challenge of songs was to tackle a hit song of the year.

street corner symphony the sing off

The reigning Sing-Off champs Nota were there to perform. But the ride was over for Eleventh Hour and The Whiffenpoofs. Let’s recap the night!

On the Rocks – They performed T.I and Rihanna’s “Live Your Life.” They seemed polished but still flexible for a spontaneous sense of magnetism. I bobbed my head and tapped my foot while bundled under a blanket.

Ben Folds noted they had “infectious” energy and called them a “joy to watch.” He also said they nailed the harmonies. But he also said it was 90% entertainment, and they need more art to happen. Nicole Sherzinger said they had their own swagger, and that they connected with the audience. “It sounded like we were in the studio,” she added. Shawn Stockman said it was a lot of fun, but didn’t seem overly impressed.

Streetcorner Symphony – This Southern group gave us Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” This song is overplayed on the radio, but still a fan favorite to hear.  I really root for this group, I find them charming and talented. Some of their movements seem tentative, but their voices shine over that hesitation. Also: Am I alone in thinking one of the members looks like John Lennon?

Shawn said it was a “lot of fun” and praised the singer Jeremy. Ben said the arrangement was gorgeous and the arrangement was inventive. He also had good things to say for Jeremy. Nicole said they were, “the perfect little streetcorner combination.” And as usual, she decided to promote the show in her comments. Listen lady, we’re already watching it! Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman must want to strangle her sometimes.

Eleventh Hour – They sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.” Their lead singer Kendall Young (Her Twitter), has a lot of confidence, and it helps her. Give that girl a record deal. Something about this small group is that they always make the stage feel like it’s overflowing with sound.

Nicole said she loved this song and said Kendall did a lovely job with the lead. She did say she wished they had blended a little more. Shawn said there is a sweetness and purity to their singing. He also said the arrangement was very “intricate.” Ben also liked the arrangement, and said they were very ambitious. He also liked the percussion.

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town – They had Mercy by Duffy for us. This is actually a modern song that is retro in sound, so this is cheating a bit for song choice. I actually didn’t love their rendition. But I’ll shut up because I don’t want anyone to egg me.

This got a standing ovation from Nicole and Shawn. Ben told Jerry that he was cool, and I wonder if they’ll go into making ice cream together. (Ben & Jerry’s.) Nicole wanted to thank them for “coming out here and showing us how it’s done.” She went on to call them “food for the soul.” Whatever. Shawn said it was another classy performance by classy guys.

First Elimination: We said goodbye to Eleventh Hour. Their swan song was Jesse McCartney’s Leavin‘. (Proving they really were the youngest group. Who listens to that guy anymore? Or, uh, ever?)

Nota won The Sing-Off last year. They have an album that has just released. They proved themselves worthy of their title as they busted out the Black Eyed Peas’ I Got a Feeling. For once I agree with Nick Lachey, who said they were sounding better than ever.

The Backbeats: I weirdly dislike their lead vocalist, I get a diva vibe (which could be totally untrue.) I’m also not a major fan of that once-blonde, now brunette, girl who was on The Sing Off season 1 (Courtney Jensen: Her Twitter.) They gave us Break Even by The Script. I don’t even like this song. So I can’t be unbiased here. I do think they sound good, though. The end of the performance was pretty damn great, even.

Shawn said it was nice to hear other voices in the group to show their range. He also said they have a a “real good lock on melancholic harmonies.” Ben said the group had good chemistry, but a few times he was worried about their high dynamics.

Committed: They sang One Republics’ Apologize. I don’t know any technical musical terms, but these guys did what they did exceedingly well. I believe they’ll be in the top two.

Shawn was visibly affected by their winning performance. Ben grinned and said there were so many great things going on that he was basically at a loss for words. “Just amazing,” he declared. What did Shawn think? It reminded him of his past, and he was just blown away. “That’s what it’s about, man.” He wanted to mention that he’s not exaggerating. He really is this impressed. Nicole said she had a musical climax.

Groove for Thought: Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me was their song. I very much enjoyed their jazzy sound.

Shawn knows Mike Posner, and said he’s going to be very happy that they did the song justice. “Ya’ll so cool it hurts”: Shawn added. Ben said Peter was the secret weapon, and said the harmonies were “sick.”

The Whiffenpoofs: They sang Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble. This was inspiring and uplifting. I like their style. They also have several members with very fun, funny personalities that shine when they are on stage.

Nicole loved that they melted her heart, and said they were lovely. She also mentioned that she performed to this song on Dancing with the Stars – ugh, why is it always coming back to her? Shawn loves the Whiffs and their zeal. But he didn’t think the leads were as strong as he hoped. Ben referenced Broadway, and said they put on a good show.

It came down to The Backbeats and The Whiffenpoofs. Eliminated: The Whiffenpoofs. Their swan song was the odd choice of Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. I’m very sad to see this group go. In the next show, each group will perform twice, taking on some guilty pleasure songs.

What did you guys think of who was eliminated? Did the right groups go home?