The Sing Off Season 2 on Wednesday¬† kicked off with everyone singing Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from my Friends.” When you have so many talented vocalists singing together it’s hard not to feel chills, however the song choice seems a tiny bit odd as the competition gets tougher and narrowed down.

on the rocks sing off

We said goodbye to the fun and feisty On the Rocks.

Sure, the groups want help from those in their same groups, but they probably aren’t wanting to support the rival groups. Because the choreography had members of different groups singing together like a big happy family, ergo – it was a weird song choice. Yup, I’m standing by my decision. (Edit: Well, by the end of these two hours and seeing everyone hugging each other I have to say that these people actually, genuinely, seem to care about each other. Which is rare on reality shows. Kudos to you all.)

Still in the competition: Committed, On the Rocks, Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town, Street Corner Symphony, The Backbeats. On Wednesday they had to sing iconic songs from superstars, and then judges requests. Only three will be in the finale next week.

We said goodbye to On the Rocks, but no other group was eliminated.

The Sing Off Songs:

On the Rocks: Elton John Medley: Nicole said it was clean and they were her “little Elton’s.” Ben said the reasons their YouTube video did well is still in tact, but their takeoff was a bit too complicated. Shawn liked that some different guys got to take lead vocals. Verdict? They’re fun, but their musical skills aren’t as crisp as the other groups in The Sing Off.

Committed: Usher Medley: Ben said they were “harmonically badass.” Nicole said, “not many groups can take us from the church to the club.” Verdict? Everyone loved it, and they even teased the group about how they were getting sexier.

Street Corner Symphony: Beatles Medley: Shawn said there were a few rhythem issues at first but they got better with each song. And finally, someone pointed out that Richie looks like John Lennon. Ben said they sing like one voice together, which is very difficult to do. Nicole did a British accent to tell them they were lovely. Verdict? The judges liked them, although there’s room for improvement.

The Backbeats: Lady Gaga Medley: Shawn said it was off the hook. Ben said they work well together and that they did nice work. Verdict? The judges did not seem as impressed as they had hoped to be.

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town: Otis Redding Medley: Ben clarified for the audience that the RESPECT song is an Otis song originally, Aretha Franklin covered it. Ben also said the transitions were good and they had a lot of energy. Verdict? The judges love and respect this group.

The Call Out Order: Committed, The Backbeats, Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town, Street Corner Symphony.

Eliminated: On the Rocks

Committed: Al Green – Let’s Stay Together: Shawn said how they did it was perfect. Nicole said something about being in a music video and a candy shop. Seriously.

Street Corner Symphony: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner: My personal favorite of the night. Ben said it was the right song for them, and said they nailed it. “You made a classic sound modern again.” Shawn said it was, “playful, soulful, fun, tight, funky.” He added, “you white boys got funky out there.” He also said they did arena acapella and Ben Folds said, “arenapella.” Nicole had two words, “alive and kickin’.”

The Backbeats: Fleetwood Mac РLandslide:  Nicole said it was really beautiful. Shawn also said it was absolutely beautiful.

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town: The Animals – House of the Rising Sun: I was disappointed that they were given yet another older song, there is no challenge for them with that. Jerry Lawson may be legendary, but the entire group is still new as of 2004. Shawn loved it and wondered how they turned that song into a Gospel. Ben said he hopes The Cohen brothers put that song in a movie. I agree. It was beautiful. The only reason I don’t want them to win is because they will do well from this point on no matter if they win or not.

Eliminated: None!

Don’t forget that The Sing Off Season 2 Finale airs live on Monday, December 20th, 2010 on NBC. Visit the Official Sing Off Website and catch up with our ongoing coverage of The Sing Off Season 2.