Wearing all black with bright yellow blazers, The Yellowjackets from the University of Rochester (New York) were the first group to perform for The Sing Off season 3. They have a quirky and fun sense of spirit. Their first song was “Wavin’ Flag” and they had some simple-but-strong choreography. It was enjoyable and uplifting. The judges felt the same way.

The Sing Off season 3

The YellowJackets
Song: Wavin’ Flag – Availble to download on itunes
The Sing Off season 3 episode 1 on NBC

Shawn Stockman said, “Where do I begin? This is ridiculous, man. That was really, really powerful.” He praised them for their work in Kenya. “I enjoyed the performance. It had range.”

Ben Folds said, “I’m with Shawn. It was the group effort. You are all on the same page about the message. If I had to be picky…” the tempo was a tiny problem.

Sara Bareilles said, “I look at your faces and it’s really emotional. I see a brotherhood here.” And, “I enjoyed your spirit on stage. It makes a difference.”