“You’ve got every right, to a beautiful life,” sang The Fannin Family on The Sing Off season 3 premiere.

The Sing Off season 3 - The Fannin Family

The Fannin Family
Song: Who Says by Selena Gomez – Availble to download on itunes
The Sing Off season 3 episode 1 on NBC

Shawn Stockman said, “To know that you’re as young as you are…and to be in the midsts of this…and for you to nail it like you did, you should be very proud. You fought those jitters, girl.” He said there were a few harmony quirks but it was a good performance.

Ben Folds said, “You guys are really growing up, singing. It’s not something that’s done a lot. There’s something really natural about that.” He noted they do have similar tones to their voices. He said Maria was very impressive, especially for age 14. And he loved the unison. There was some room for improvement but he was still loving it.

Sara Bareilles said, “I want every girl in America to listen to that. There’s something really wholesome and innocent in what you guys have to offer.” She also praised Maria.