“Seriously, another banana peel in the sink?” That’s one of the guys from Home Free in their little “bit” before they perform. And, yea. Weird. I only ever put MY banana peels in the tub. LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. Geez.

the sing off element

Who wants to explain to me why they held their hair up like this for 4 beats? Photo: NBC

The Sing-Off Season 4 Recap

Four groups performed on Monday night: Element, Vocal Rush, Home Free, and VoicePlay.

Ben Folds served as mentor for the groups this night, but I’m more interested in talking about how Jewel busts out vocal terms and phrases in her critiques. Is this natural, or is she trying to sound EXTRA smart with all the crescendo, pianissimo and fortissimo talk?

You can almost hear Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds thinking, “we BOTH know this stuff, too, but stop trying to give music lessons to the viewers in your allotted 20 seconds!” Bitch. If you could hear my thoughts about Jewel, it’s a constant wondering of, “why are you dressing so tacky and slutty?! You used to be JEWEL, boho soul gypsy woman! Now you’re a Schick-schilling tramp?”

You guys know I’ve struggled with Home Free, especially their lead, Austin. And I figured out what it is I don’t like about him, aside from his smooth/high-pitched voice. It’s that he HAS NO EYEBROWS. That’s why looking at his face makes me ragey! People GOTS to have eyebrows, okay?! You can draw them in if you have to. Or grow them on your face with plugs or lash serum or whatever!

Each episode gives a theme for our singers to work with, and this episode’s theme was all but ignored by everyone. So what was this ignored theme? “My Generation.” The groups basically picked whatever song they wanted, then justified it in any way possible. Of course, “songs of yesterday and today” is pretty broad. It would have made more sense for each team to pick a song of their, you know, ACTUAL generation. But we didn’t get that.

We opened with a group medley, as always. This had: The Who’s “My Generation, Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time.” When I tell you that this was a bad thing, I mean it. It …made no sense, and it sounded jumbled. I kept thinking, “NBC can do better than this.” And NBC often has a low bar. But, who cares, because Jewel was mouthing along to the Imagine Dragon song.

Home Free “Ring of Fire” (Original: Johnny Cash)

VoicePlay “Don’t Speak” (Original: No Doubt)

Element “You Keep Me Hanging On” (Original: The Supremes)

Vocal Rush “Holding Out for a Hero” (Original: Bonnie Tyler)

Judges best of the night (implied): Home Free
Up for elimination: Vocal Rush, Element
My best of the night: Vocal Rush
My worst of the night: Home Free or Element
Who was eliminated last night on The Sing-Off? Element

REACT: What do you think about Element being eliminated?