It’s that time again where we smile to see that Ben Folds is on TV, and wonder when Jewel became so generic…that’s right, it’s time for The Sing Off!

vocal rush the sing off

They’re pretty fun. Photo: NBC

The Sing-Off Recap

The Opening

We did Dirty Dancing. And Jewel (cleavage alert) snapped her fingers along like a cheesy Mom.

The Theme

Movie songs. I am praying someone does Disney, dammit! And the mentor this week is Jewel. It is confirmed that she has a bad stylist when she wears a big black head scarf type thing with a red cocktail dress.

Home Free – “Pretty Woman”
You know they picked this to remind people that they’re good, Mid-western boys and not gay. It’s their, “we like girls!” thing. And so I giggled when Shawn Stockman said something about how (eyebrowless) Austin Brown can “blow.” I really hate on Austin because he is a poor man’s Jonathan Groff, and has no eyebrows so he’s scary-looking. Tim Foust has that lower register that the judges love, but that should stop being a free pass for this group.

Vocal Rush – “Against All Odds”
The judges had praise for them, and this made me smile. They’re good and I am rooting for them. Jewel told them that they’re so young they don’t even know to not being emotionally honest. So…kind of a compliment?

Acoustikats – “Old Time Rock N’ Roll”
Along with Home Free, I despise this group. Well, I despise them most. I can LIVE with Home Free as The Sing-Off winner, I guess. But these Acoustikats have gotta GO. These are entitled rich boys…frat boys. Ugh. There are probably a few who aren’t so bad, but my general impression of them is that they’re mostly pre-packaged, souless jerks.  This time, they had a lot of gimmick going on, too. They just think they’re SO COOL.  Smug.

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Filharmonic – “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
I love their humor, and I like them all. Last time they were in the bottom two, so I’m worried for them! One of the guys (Joe) started tearing up, and said he was just overwhelmed. That was sweet. Nick Lachey actually was cool when he said it was a “blessing” to see them giving it their all and being so sincere. AW. I WANT THEM TO WIN.

VoicePlay – “Don’t You Forget About Me”
WHO DOESN’T ADORE THE EVER LOVING CRAP OUT OF THIS SONG? They always pick good songs, like with last week and a No Dobut song. I love them. Although, with everyone dressed up like a character in the movie, I couldn’t figure out which one Honey was supposed to be. She wasn’t “The Princess” really, but she wasn’t “The Baske Case,” either. It’s like she just wore whatever she wanted to wear, while everyone else was wearing something very specific. Shrug. (I guess you could argue that any dress means ‘princess’?)

Ten – “Skyfall”
Taking on Adele is a big thing. I really like Ten, so I was hoping they’d do the song justice. Luckily, they did. The judges were really impressed.

AcoustiKats vs VoicePlay – “Eye of the Tiger”
Evan Jennings Pulliam of the Acoustikats has a creepy, expressionless face and…ugh, shivers. Did anyone else notice how weird he was when staring at Jewel as she was mentoring his group? Obviously, I was rooting for in this battle. This time I did enjoy the gimmick bits that both groups did, even those kats.

Vocal Rush vs Ten – “Fame”
Kyana Fanene from Vocal Rush is so fun, and really I love the people in both groups. I can confidently say that this was my favorite performance of the entire night. WOW. It was …yea. Just amazing. Even the choreography was spot-on.

Home Free vs Filharmonic – “I’m Allright”
It occurs to me that I haven’t seen Caddyshack in full, ever. Hm. …Dammit, this is tied for my other favorite performance of the night. I really loved it ALL, even Home Free a little. But definitely Filharmonic! They have such good energy! Jewel started giggling and said, “Oh My Heck” and then “Oh My Lord” and seemed kind of air head? Weird. I WONDER about her, because she still ha so much promise but something is off about her.

Who was eliminated on The Sing-Off? VoicePlay and Acoustikats.

Tomorrow is a new episode.

React: What was your favorite performance of the night? How much do you think Nick Lachey loves to pretend he’s in charge of a boxing fight as he announces it with his hand gesture?