Did you get chills? I got chills. When the Deltones performed “Feels Like Home” on The Sing Off (right when I was ready to turn off the show, because I have so many other things to do tonight) I was wholly captivated.

Deltones on The Sing Off
Performed: Feels Like Home by Randy Newman.

Jessica Carvo mentioned she’d heard this song for the first time at age 14. So did I. Well. Around that age. It was on Dawson’s Creek (thanks, Kevin Williamson!) and it was a cover by Chantal Kreviazuk. Listen on Youtube.

Sarah Bareilles – My heart is beating fast. I thought the arrangement was really beautiful. I feel like I saw growth, and a lot of power and strength.

Ben Folds – I thought that what might have been interpreted as nerves came off to me as really appropriate vulnerability. Overall, it was just moving.

Shawn Stockman – Friends first, singers second. That’s cool. I really felt the sincerity. Jessica, you have a really beautiful voice. It was such a moving and emotional song. Sometimes it’s not about how perfect a song is, but how good it feels.

The Deltones made it on to the next round! See what one other group I loved on The Sing Off tonight.

The University of Delaware Deltones was founded in 1991 by a group of five University of Delaware students affectionately known as “the origitones.” The group members pride themselves on their smooth tunes and their motto – friends first, singers second – a motto they have lived by for 20 years. They focus their energy towards singing on campus and in the Delaware community, as it is important for them to give back to those who support them. The group consists of five current UD students, seven recent graduates and three recent “alumnitones.” – NBC

Group members include: Keith Abrahamson, Avi Amon, Alex Bliziotis, Jessica Carvo, Alyssa DiNardo, Chloe English, Cassie Grossmann, Andrea Lopez, Morgan Nichols, Andrea O’Neil, Lou Ortiz, Walt Pendleton, Cortney Penta, Erica Schetter and Jared Weintraub.