Ready for girl power? Girls from previous groups on The Sing Off seasons 1 and 2 got together and formed a new group, called Delilah.

the sing off delilah

Song: Grenade by Bruno Mars – Availble to download on itunes
The Sing Off season 3 episode 1 on NBC

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Sarah Bareilles (who gave them a standing ovation) said, “Ladies! Hell yea. That was awesome. And I want to talk about girl power. And I love the idea of it. And you guys are just a kick ass a capella group. You’re more than just a bunch of beautiful women who have chosen to sing together.” She said they showed emotion, sex appeal, and just had so much going on for them. She liked the arrangement.

Shawn Stockman said, “Amy. What boyfriend did you channel to sing that? I believed that. I enjoyed that performance. IT was strong, it was passionate, it was sexy.”

Ben Folds said, “The bass is really great. You’re working together with Gina really well to create the low end.” He had a lot of technical notes and praise for them. “I was so impressed that I was just writing my ass off while you were singing your ass off.”