Carrie Bradshaw in her iconic Tutu.

Carrie Bradshaw in her iconic Tutu.

Our friends at have put together a list of the Fifteen Greatest Opening Title Sequences.

Their 15th choice is for Sex and the City, where a stunning Carrie Bradshaw wears a tutu. It sounds ridiculous, but women everywhere relate to it and upon hearing those opening sounds we are practically programmed to drop whatever we’re doing to go sit down and watch the show. It’s very Pavlovian!

#13 Dexter. This one I’m not so sure about, I actually find it too long!

#7 The Brady Bunch. Oh, yes. Yes x a million. I could watch this forever. Uh, but don’t hold me to that.

Make sure to go read the entire list. The top pick is one that I highly agree with!