Alright, it’s time to start airing your frustrations! We LOVE Lost, which is why it can annoy us to no frickin’ end.

I’ll be unhappy with the Lost series finale if…

Finish the sentence! Here are some of mine:

* If they never bring back the significance of the psychic saying only Claire could raise Aaron.

* If no one major dies in the finale.

* If the island is truly hell.

* If Claire doesn’t get onto a helicopter just as Charlie was told she would when he sacrificed his life.

* If there is no more signs of Boone or Shannon at all.

* If we don’t find out what Juliet meant about going dutch for coffee with Sawyer.

* If we never learn what the story behind Libby was!

* If I don’t cry at the end.

* If Emilie de Ravin has to wear that awful wig the entire rest of the season.

* If they focus more on religion than on mythology.

* If there’s no mind-blowing twists.

* If Sayid truly becomes and stays evil.

* If they don’t all end up at Disney World. ;p

* If Walt never comes back. Why is he all psychic?