Ready for some grave digging?

The Secret Circle Review ‘Witness’

Shows on The CW love digging up graves, apparently.

If you’re cast on a series that airs on The CW, be prepared for the inevitability for digging up a grace. They even did it on America’s Next Top Model! (Well, they posed in graves.) On TSC, Jake dug up Cassie’s Dad’s grave, and it was revealed that the only thing buried there was a dog. I think it was a dog. It wasn’t a human. Which means John Blackwell is still alive. If he knows about Cassie, he hasn’t seemed to care about her – yet.

Melissa is a ghost.

If she’s not a ghost, then where is she?! Seriously. Speaking of being cast on a CW series, what is going on with Melissa? We hardly ever see this character. But they can never write her off, she’s part of the circle. So, use her, dammit!

Dawn is a bad actress.

Dawn Chamberlain is so obvious about her intentions that anyone who trusts her is a fool. I was so glad that Adam’s Dad kept the crystal. But how long will it be before she tries to steal it back?

Visiting the past.

My favorite part of this episode involved going back through Jake’s memory to see what happened the night of the fire. However, it seems a bit of a cheat that Cassie and Jake could move freely, even when younger Jake wasn’t there. That’s more like time travel than moving in someone’s memory. But I am much more interested n the story of those deceased characters than I am interested in the present day stories. They should do a show that’s the prequel to this, and show the teenagers in the 90’s!

Best Quotes

“I can’t just wait for those witch hunters to come after me with some super special dark magic killing plan.”

“I’m sober as a churchmouse, Charles”

“I feel like the circle is falling apart.”

Bonus: I’m surprised they didn’t play the Sarah McLachalan song “Witness.” But now I will, because damn if that isn’t a good song.