Chance Harbor mourns in a particularly ironic way. Let’s just say that – the bodies, they are piling UP. And even though Halloween is approaching, that’s just way too creepy. Less death, more anything else, please!

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A power couple no more: Adam and Diana split!

I find myself still on the fence about The Secret Circle.  I know, I know! I like the premise, but since I’m overwhelmed with so many TV shows that I know that I love, that might not be enough to keep me on as a fan. But I’m trying, honest I am. It’s frustrating when you aren’t “getting” or loving a show that so many others can’t stop talking about. (If I wasn’t a major Glee fan, I’d probably understand this feeling more.) Last night was the episode “Wake” which had an actual wake (as the thing you do with a funeral) but also seemed to work as a metaphorical title, as plenty of emotions and actions were awakened.

It didn’t take the show long to replace Nick with another male character who coincidentally also helps complete the circle. Yes, I roll my eyes at this a little. But at least it did make sense, being that Jake was Nick’s brother. Jake looks very Swedish, btw. He could play a Viking. I think he brought along some interesting backstory for him and other characters we already know. Adam hates him, Faye hates him… the dude is hated. Except by Cassie, because she is our naive witch who also happens to (as her Grandma informed her in the episode) be the most powerful of anyone else in her circle. Girl’s got it all. Including a fancy crystal, and her crush’s ex-girlfriend breaking up with said crush, then going to her for friendly hugs… wait, am I typing this right?

But you guys know that I am typing it correctly. But it’s surprising that it didn’t take a little bit of witchcraft to make this happen. I have major, major issues with the Adam/Diana of it all. Adam’s Dad may be a well meaning, down on his luck drunk, but you don’t break a teenage girls heart by saying her boyfriend already has a soulmate and it’s the pretty new blonde girl in town. Ouch.

And Adam, even when given a way out, can’t even be honest with Diana. He should have told her that he agreed with her. Instead, Diana is left very much feeling like she’s the one who ended that relationship and walked away from it while Adam stood by going “wait…uh, but I love you, and stuff!” Adam certainly can’t be blind to the fact that he’s into Cassie, so just own up to it!

Because Diana’s best friend was Adam, she doesn’t have anyone to go to when she’s upset. (Her Dad has seemed a little off to her, and with good reason…since he murdered Nick.) So I do understand that she ended up at Cassie’s door, admitting she wasn’t even sure why she was there. It’s because Cassie never tried to steal Adam that Diana might be bitter for a while, but she can still be friends with Cassie. Maybe it’ll all change in the future. But for the moment, at least Diana had someone. Hugs all around.

Faye was in a “mood” since Jake was back in town. So, Melissa (a character I now love more than Faye) had to bitchslap (not literally) her bestie back down to earth by explaining that Melissa just lost a guy she loved, a guy who was dead, and there were bigger things going on than a vendetta against a viking! Faye eventually gave up her shame spiral, but I’m sure she’ll still be pursuing Jake the Viking. With her equally pale complexion they’d have very interesting babies. Quick! To the whatever app merges pictures of people together to see what their babies will look like! (Okay, I don’t have an app for that. Because that’s creepy.)

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At the end of the episode we learned that Jake is actually all kinds of duplicitous and a witch-turned-witch-hunter (which is not easy to say.) I wonder if he ever would have gone after his brother? I know he’s in “I shall avenge him” mode, but if Nick wasn’t killed and had continued in his ways, would an epic Jake vs. Nick showdown have occurred? Oh Nick, we really do miss you and your golden blonde hair.

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Another thing – also at the end of the episode – yet another person was murdered. ANOTHER. MURDER. So, is the pattern here that every episode of The Secret Circle ends with a death? Because that’s going to be a downer. And the ironic part that I mentioned is that the murder happened during a wake for another murder victim. Something tells me that vaguely skanky-looking random girl (Jane? Anne? I am blanking on her name) won’t get such a nice wake, though.

So what did YOU guys think of this episode? Do you love Melissa and her strength? Do you think Cassie needs to get some brains? Did you notice that Diana has a gorgeous bedroom with pale green walls?

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