Finally, The Secret Circle gave us an episode to actually love, not just feel lukewarm about.

The Secret Circle Heather Review

I’m still not sold on all of the casting choices, and I’m debating whether as I get older high school-based shows will ever hold the same appeal (the truth is they can, but they have to be very smart) but after the “Heather” episode of The Secret Circle I feel more confident about my loyalty to this new show on The CW. In one semi-fell swoop, I feel more attached. Maybe it just takes time with this one? The pressure of everyone else being so instantly sold on the show had me worried that I wasn’t sharing the same feelings. But even if this never becomes one of my favorite’s, I finally feel like a genuine fan.

Cassie (Britt Robertson) is wonderful because she’s sweet, but in this episode her sweetness (paired with Faye’s selfishness to do anything in order to get what she wants) made her do something so dumb. I could understand her guilt at thinking her mother hurt Heather, but I don’t understand how she could mistrust that her Mother did something malicious like that without a reason. Yes, her Mother lied to her about the whole witch thing – but does Cassie really think her Mom’s spirit could have ever been harmful? She needed more trust, patience, and instinct. (Seriously, where’s her witchy spider sense when she needs it?) It was pretty obvious from a mile away from the creepy “haunted house” (as Faye put it, and btw Faye is my favorite – Phoebe Tonkin is amazing) that thoughtlessly unbinding Heather would be a dumb move. But it made for a great story.

I fell in love with Kevin Williamson in the mid 90’s. For two reasons: Dawson’s Creek and “Scream”. (IKWYDLS aka “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is a solid third.) The show was vastly different from the movie – except for the season 1 episode of Dawson’s Creek that was modeled after “Scream”, which made me (who at this time had just gotten AOL and used e-mail to send out a Matthew Lillard newsletter*) squee like a fangirl before anyone ever used that term about TV fans. But the writing, the plot, the casting, the costumes – the show and the movie were both amazing in their own ways.

So far, The Secret Circle has been more like Dawson’s Creek. Feelings, feelings, feelings, and then a little action (which included lame stuff like floating water.)  The episode with the school dance didn’t really do anything for me (it was like The Buffy the Vampire Slayer “School Hard” episode, but not as good), but this episode woke me up. In an extended sequence that echoed “Scream 4” (which Britt Robertson had a cameo in) both Cassie and Faye were terrorized in the Blake house, running for their lives and banging on windows. This sequence was perfect. It was thrilling, it was a “teen scream” and it brought a lot of the characters together in an uncontrived way. Instead of being separate factions, we viewed them as collective outsiders. Or at least I did.

In this episode I also really loved Shelley Hennig‘s hair as Diana Meade – with that braid, and what more we saw of Cassie Blake’s bedroom.

Consider me on board.

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*And one of my first online friends, who I still know today, ran a Skeet Ulrich newsletter. She liked the dangerous bad boy type, and I was attracted to the funny guy. They likely seem like unusual crushes to have, but Ryan Phillipe was too blonde and Jamie Kennedy seemed obnoxious. If I told you all about my crush on Joshua Jackson, the time I impersonated Katie Holmes in a chat room, and the way I irrationally fell in love with the skirt that Rose McGowan wore as Tatum Riley so much that sketched it out for my fashion binder (which is what I had instead of a blog, because there were no blogs) we’d be here way too long.