Dun, dun, dun! It’s time to review The Secret Circle “Bound.”

Last week I watched The Secret Circle live and gave you guys a review, and according to the numbers you guys seemed to like it. And I’ll take any kind of false flattery, and that’s why you find me back here this week! I know we all waited a very long week for the second episode of TSC. But The CW rewarded us with a great episode. That’s right, I liked it, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Phoebe Tonkin as Faye Chamberlain

Faye is bossy, witty, and irresistible. I don’t typically like mean girl characters. But I’m a fan of Faye. I even loved her big gold leaf earrings! I’d never wear a corset in public, though. I’m not quite that brave with fashion. And back to the character herself, she’s dangerous but she’s moving the plot along! Sadly, she doesn’t want to save any turtles. Which is sad, because turtles are kind of defenseless!

Cassie’s Powers are on Overdrive

Instead of Cassie having limited power that she has to try hard to work on, she has to learn how to control them so they don’t bust out all over the place. When she tried to close her curtains (or was she trying to shut the window?) it slammed down so hard it broke. I like the idea of her raw power being too much to handle. I do trust that she’ll only use it for good.

Favorite Pop Culture Quote

“It’s like I’m living in a Harry Potter movie.” – Cassie

“He has a wand.” – Adam

Cassie and Adam vs Diana and Adam

It seemed like Cassie said she wouldn’t bind to the circle with Diana, but when Adam talked to her on the park bench she was suddenly more open to it. And then, of course, the girl getting shoved by Faye sealed the deal. They all agreed to bind the circle to keep their powers in check. And that’s information that Diana gave them. But then we heard from the adults that binding a circle unleashes even more power. I’d hate to think that Cassie is so silly that a boy can change her mind. So I hope it was just the accident that made her see things differently. As for romance, it’s obvious that Diana is going to lose Adam. Maybe this will set her off. After all, Diana’s Dad is pretty shady. She could go to the dark side.

Faye Escapes Trouble

Not only did Faye’s Mom come to the rescue and save the life of that innocent girl that Faye hurt… but Faye ended up in zero trouble. I haven’t been at many beachside brawls, but I think that if you are seen shoving someone off a dock the police want to talk to you and you can be charged with starting a fight. I’d like to see some more consequences!

It’s The Craft

In the movie The Craft, the four witches bind themselves with the elements to call out their God in a big scene at the beach. After our Secret Circle crew bound themselves their bonfire blew up like a fireball into the sky. Yea, totally, sure – no one saw that. Pft!

What did you love the most?

The Secret Circle Episode Guide: Bound Summary – Cassie befriends Sally Matthews, a non-witch, in attempt to distance herself from the Circle and build a normal life in Chance Harbor. Diana, worried that their powers are getting out of control, encourages everyone to bind the circle. However, Faye is enjoying the increased powers and refuses to participate, and Melissa flirts with Nick despite Faye’s warnings. Adam struggles with his feeling for Cassie, but situations continue to throw them together, which forces Cassie to make a decision.

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