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The Secret Circle Review – How a ‘Loner’ Learned to Bond

“I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you and I don’t want to be part of this so you need to leave me alone” ~ Cassie

On this week’s episode of The Secret Circle, “Bound”, the coven tries to convince Cassie to join and bind their Circle so that they can harness their powers safely, except for catty Faye, the resident Cordelia Chase of this gang. She, more than anyone, wants to be free of a bound Circle so she can cause havoc with her magic and not fall under anyone’s control. Nick also isn’t interested in controlling his magic, but in this episode other than getting with girls and being a total shirtless jack ass, he doesn’t amount to much else. Lastly, Adam struggles with his feelings for Cassie and loyalty to Diana.

So we have Faye, Nick and Cassie who all want nothing to do with binding the Circle (but for very different reasons), and Adam, Diana and Melissa who want to play it safe and be bound together.

“Do you own a shirt?!” ~ Cassie

Cassie quickly finds out this episode that her powers get out of control when she gets upset. Pretentious jerk Nick gets under her skin by parading around half naked next door so she shatters his window. Faye causes trouble in lab and sabotages Cassie’s experiment and Cassie retaliates and explodes a beaker. When Cassie tries to connect her energy to Adam while he’s showing her how to control her magic, she blows a light bulb. Adam tries to show her that if they’re bound, she will be better able to control herself and not have these violent accidents but Cassie wants to be bound to this group about as much as she wants a bullet to the head…ya, not so much. Can you blame her? She hardly knows them and dislikes half of them. Sign me up? I don’t think so!

Here we get a little background into the mysterious events surrounding the last Circle that their parents were in and the “accidental” fire on the boat that killed them. Practicing was abolished and their parent’s powers were taken away as a result of the tragedy. We also find out that everyone is born into a Circle – you don’t get to choose your Circle buddies. A Circle has more power than any one person can handle alone. While it limits the individual abilities of its members, it also strengthens the group. The last group didn’t bind the circle so it seems things got out of hand and people died.

“Charles Meade’s a punk – he’s always been a punk” ~ Ethan

Ahhh Charles…we didn’t get to see much of him this time but the few scenes he does appear in are always interesting because they’re either creepy, or you learn some new tidbit about the past. Meanwhile, Faye and her mom, Dawn, get a little visit from grandpa. Grandpa Henry suspects there’s magic afoot and threatens to snuff it out. Dawn immediately calls Charles to warn him that her father-in-law is snooping around. Adam’s dad, Ethan, talks to Grandpa Henry and tells him Charles was using magic (after their old Circle were stripped of their powers) because he was afraid of what Ethan might tell Cassie.

Henry confronts Dawn about Charles’ attack on Ethan and she tries to convince Henry that nobody is practicing but he’s not buying it. Henry wants to stop them from starting a circle and Dawn offers to help him to throw him off her trail.

Later she confronts Charles about the boneheaded move that nearly exposed them and asks him for a crystal that helps them in practicing magic again.

Cassie chats with Ethan and tries to get him talking about her mom again but he brushes her off telling her he was drunk and talking trash. I’m guessing he doesn’t want another visit from Charles.

“We have to contain it before someone gets really hurt” ~ Diana

There’s a Fair in town and Cassie goes down to sell tickets and help out. Faye and Melissa go down to cause trouble and use magic. Grandpa Henry goes down to spy and Diana goes down to try and talk Cassie into binding the Circle.

Faye and Melissa use their magic to cheat at a ring toss game and Henry sees it and Diana’s mission is a bust with Cassie adamantly refusing to join.

Faye, and Nick are messing around with Diana’s magic. Melissa looks on nervously and suggests they do what Diana wants and bind the Circle so they aren’t in any danger but Nick and Faye laugh it off. When they head back to the Fair, a girl from school, Sally, gets in Faye’s way and pays a steep price – Faye pushes her off the dock and she appears to die. NICE. Good job Faye. Loving her character as every minute ticks by…*rolls yes*. Dawn’s mom saves Sally but by doing so, Henry figures out she’s practicing magic and using a crystal to channel it. He also confronts her about what he saw Faye doing at the Fair. He threatens to go to the Elders and rat them out so Dawn takes care of him mafia styles by causing him to have a heart attack so their secret dies with him. Faye + Dawn = not a nice bunch of ladies. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?

“Look at them; they’re like little goldfish stuck together. Diana, you’re like two seconds away from losing him” ~ Faye

Adam tries to convince Cassie to bind the Circle at Diana’s request. Diana’s obviously not taking “no” for an answer. Faye tries to stir the pot by warning Diana that Adam is into Cassie as they watch Adam and Cassie chatting on a bench.

Adam’s falling for Cassie and now it’s been made apparent to Diana. I wonder how keen she will be on having to bind the Circle with someone who will mostly likely steal her boyfriend. Other than magic, I’m not getting that they want to share much else!

“Do I have anything to worry about with you and Cassie?” ~Diana
Why would you ask that? ~ Adam
Because I’m insecure and I love you” ~ Diana

Wow. That’s always a turn on…’I’m insecure, please don’t leave me’. UGH. Who wrote that line in?! I liked her character in the first episode but this time around she didn’t do it for me. Seriously, Diana is now not only a wet-blanket goody-two shoes but she’s also needy. Needy = relationship death. Diana has now officially joined Faye on my least favourite characters list. She finally confronts Adam about Cassie and he reassures her with a kiss. OK. Sure. I believe you now Adam. Ya right. There are too many feel-good, quasi-romantic scenes between Cassie and “Edwardy” Adam for something not to develop by the end of this season.

In the end, they decide that with everything that’s happened, they should bind the Circle. Faye, Nick and Cassie are still reluctant but see the need for it and finally agree to meet at the beach at midnight to do the binding ceremony. Diana reads from her book and they say their “I do’s” and now they’re besties for life; uneasy besties at that. It will be interesting to see exactly what the binding entails and what they can and can’t do now that they’re joined at the hip.

This was another good episode. Things are slowly coming together and little bits about the past are being revealed at a pace that keeps you hooked. Nick and Melissa had a bit more action this time around but Nick is just playing a one-dimensional frat boy and Melissa the hurt-girl mean side-kick. Once again, I hope they develop them more as the season goes on. Two episodes in and it’s still just the Faye-Adam-Cassie show. Diana is boring me to tears and now she’s whiny too. I’m hoping the threat to her relationship with Adam puts a fire under her – I think she’d be more interesting pissed off versus her current annoying hall monitor persona. Dawn’s becoming a major player and I want to know more about her relationship with Charles, what it is and why. I didn’t think she was a baddie until I saw her “use the Force” on her father-in-law. I want to see what lengths she goes to protect their secrets.

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Loner”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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