Jake goes back in time, Cassie gets a gift, Charles gets a taste of his own medicine, and Faye is “tempted by the Devil” on this week’s episode of The Secret Circle.

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The Secret Circle Recap “Witness”

“I’m here to save your life.” ~ Jake
Cassie realises Jake saved them in the fire but questions Jake’s motives. Rightfully so – one minute he’s killing them and the next he’s a hero – so which is it? Jake claims he did it to get the witch hunters as far away from her as possible and then made his escape back to help her.

“I can’t just wait for those witch hunters to come after me with some super special dark magic killing plan.”

Jake also bring news with him – bad news: 1.) There is a witch hunter council. Great. Just what they need. 2.) The council has a spell to kill witches with dark power and they plan on using it on Cassie the way they used it on her father 16 years ago. Well, it just keeps getting better for our blonde heroine! Adam is (of course) suspicious and jealous. There’s obvious love-triangle drama going on here. Adam is trying to paint Jake as a jerk because he’s interested in Cassie, but he’s veiling it as concern for her well being. I’m sure he cares about her, but let’s not kid ourselves – he’s in love with her.

“Don’t ever use my daughter to get to me…You’re up to something and I’m going to find out what.”~ Charles

Charles runs into Diana and Dawn chatting and when Diana leaves, he reams Dawn out for using her to get to him. He threatens Dawn and this obviously doesn’t sit well with her. We can see that she’s up to something to get Charles’ active crystal.

So what does Dawn do about Charles? She goes to talk to Ethan. She’s plays the innocent “hurt girl” card and makes Charles out to be the baddie. She claims Charles choked her. She knows Ethan was bullied by Charles as a teen and so he has a stake in getting back at him. There’s no love lost between those two and Dawn’s using that to her advantage to get her revenge on Charles.

Ethan calls Charles and tells him he knows everything, about the crystal, about Henry’s death and that he’s practicing magic. Charles pays Ethan a visit but this time, he’s on the receiving end of some bad ju-ju!  Ethan knocks him out and takes the crystal from him. It’s payback time! Then, he does exactly what Charles did to him before – he uses the crystal to channel magic to drown Charles by filling his lungs with water. Charles manages to get out that Dawn is using Ethan and once she gets the crystal, he’s a dead man. As much as Ethan might hate Charles, in the end, he heeds his warning and when Dawn comes looking for the crystal, he won’t give it to her. At least he’s playing it smart now. I’m not very fond of Ethan’s character; he’s weak and almost pathetic – a push over, but here, I like that he grew a pair and stood up to Charles and Dawn.

Meanwhile, Faye and Lee are talking about getting her magic back and Lee introduces her to some creep named Kellam. Apparently, Lee used to work with Kellam. He’s a “drug” dealer except he doesn’t deal in your standard drugs – he deals in witchy drugs and this has peaked Faye’s interest. He sells something called “Devil’s Spirit”. It has special properties; it opens up your mind and releases your inhibitions. It gives you the power to do whatever you want. Well, you couldn’t have sold that any better to Faye if you tried – sounds just like what she’s looking for. Kallam offers some to Faye and Lee freaks out and tosses him out. Later on we find out that Lee’s ex, Eva, got hooked on Devil’s Spirit and it destroyed her so he doesn’t want to see that happen to Faye. Faye runs into Kellam later on and although she initially refuses, Faye takes some Devil’s Spirit from him. We all know this is going to be another bad situation like the Fire/Ice dance. Faye just doesn’t learn from her mistakes. She keeps making them and then apologizing after the fact. I wonder how many times she can put herself and the Circle in danger before they finally just kick her out or cut her off?

If Jake’s right, then I have to find out what happened to my father” ~ Cassie

Jake was there the night when the fire happened; he was hiding in his parents car. Jake wants Cassie to help him remember what happened because she can connect with others the way the rest of the Circle can’t. He blocked out the memories of that tragic night and has been working on a memory spell to find out what really happened. He thinks the dark magic will link him to Cassie and he will be able to see what was blocked out. Cassie did it with Faye, she saw Faye’s memories when she was seeing herself as a little girl and Cassie needs to find out what happens so she is willing to take the risk.

Jake and Cassie go to the boat where the fire took place. They use an old picture of Jake’s parents and the book and the dirt that was there from 16 years ago to cast the spell. It works! Cassie can see everything that’s going on but no one can see them – its like “A Christmas Carol” , where Scrooge sees his past but can’t interact with anyone lol! However, things start to go bad when Jake gets strange head pains the closer they get to the scene of the fire. Cassie wants to keep going – but Jake tells her she can’t go past that point because they will be in great danger. She ignores his protests and follows his parents. He gets pulled out of the memory and she’s stuck in it.

I get her need to know but if someone’s head was about to explode and they warned me not go on, being a friend and all, I think I’d stop. Here’s an instance where we see that while Cassie is more often than not “good”, there are some things, like her father and dark magic where she will casually set aside what’s right to get the information she wants. So even Cassie has her “price”. While Jake is ripped out the memory and in visible pain, she plows right ahead. This shows that its not all black and white. Faye isn’t all “evil” and Cassie isn’t all “good”. This applies to just about everyone on the show – Charles, Dawn, Jake Ethan, Diana, Adam and Melissa. We’re getting snippets of certain things in each character’s life where their agenda will trump doing the right thing. For the “bad” characters, there are moments where they opt out of doing what’s expected of them and make the good/right choice. I like that this show is fleshing out that aspect as it goes along.

Cassie sees Jake’s dad murdered right in front of her by a man named Ebon.  Ebon is on the witch council. He told Jake about the ritual they used to destroy dark magic witches. The Witch Hunters have John Blackwell hooded, and tied to a stake.  Then, they set him on fire!

You took her there, now get her the Hell out! ~ Adam

Cassie gets locked into the room where the fire is raging and starts to suffocate in Jake’s memory and in real life. Adam and Diana tell him he has to save her by going back. In the meantime, Adam and Diana manage to magically help Cassie breathe with their magic and it works.

Here’s the crazy part: Cassie watches as John Blackwell cuts off his ropes and burns the witches alive with some strange silver medallion that falls into the grate below his feet. He walks out of the fire unscathed! Cassie never sees his face and Jake arrives to save her. We see that the witches weren’t the ones who started the fire that night; those who trusted the witch hunters were lead into the cafeteria and massacred. The rest died trapped in the fire that was set by the witch hunters. When Cassie mentions to Adam that she saw his dad, he’s visibly upset – all this time Adam thought he wasn’t there. Hmmm, Ethan lied to him…why?

I just need to know my father’s alive ~ Cassie

Cassie goes back to the boat later to find the medallion. She finds it and sees it has some symbol on it. Jake finds her on the boat and she tells him she believes the medallion saved her father’s life. Is there a chance he’s still alive? Jake said he’s buried in Harbor Cemetery not too far from his parents so they can check. They dig him up and in his grave….drumroll please!...are animal bones! It’s like the scene in “Omen” where they find Damien’s mother’s bones were really a jackal’s. Creepy!

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Medallion”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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