This week on The Secret Circle, in “Wake”, Nick’s hottie brother pays his respects, someone sinister stalks the Circle, Cassie get a crystal and Diana gets an emotional sucker punch.
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Nick’s older brother Jake comes to town for the wake. The Circle gang are totally non-plussed by his arrival since he robbed the Boathouse and broke Faye’s heart…ummm…she has one?! 😉

Cassie chats with Granny Jane and finds out that their Circle wasn’t broken when Nick died. The ceremony bonds them to each other’s bloodlines, not just each other so it wasn’t severed. We also find out that Cassie’s family is descended from some seriously old witches. Her family is the oldest and strongest of the Circle. I like when Jane comes on screen – she’s always a great source of juicy witch tidbits!

“I wish I had answers for you” ~ Charles

Poor Charles. He’s very affected by Nick’s death. Dawn seems to have moved on like swatting a fly, but Charles is messed up. He even confuses Jake for Nick at the wake later on in the episode – Nick’s death is not something he’s taking lightly. He’s gone from baddy to saddy. Meanwhile, Dawn’s a murderous little thing! When Jane comes over to talk about the Circle, Dawn is afraid she will strip the kids of their powers so she stealthily draws a knife, but puts it away when she realizes Jane has no intention of taking their powers because the kids will need them for self-defense. Close call for Jane! Dawn is a bit concerned that Charles might be checking out of the plans – which, knowing her, would be the end of Charles, but he assures her he’s still onboard. He started off as Captain Sinister and now he’s just some sad, confused side kick to evil Dawn. She is definitely running the show now. I’m hoping to see more bad-assery from Charles down the road. Remorse is nice and all but I like Gale Harold playing a bad guy. I hope he wipes his tears and gets back on the baddy-band wagon with Dawn.

jake and cassie

“You can’t just replace Nick with Jake, it’s not right” ~ Melissa

My sentiments exactly – thank you, Melissa. Jake? I’m lukewarm. He’s the new hottie but so what? I’m left wondering where the story is going with this. They killed Nick for Jake because???? *arches eyebrow* Let’s see what he does and where this goes because the first episode with Jake in it didn’t exactly have me jumping out of my seat.

“You’re acting like a jealous boyfriend….and not mine.” ~ Diana

OH WOW. Diana can see he’s jealous of Jake’s attention toward Cassie. She’s no dummy. He acts like Cassie’s jealous boyfriend the second Jake shows up on the scene. He tries to downplay it and act like it’s because Jake robbed his father but it’s plain that this is the secondary reason. Adam is having an increasingly hard time at hiding his feelings for Cassie. The rose-colored glasses finally come off for Diana this episode.

Suddenly, a fire started outside the clubhouse and the gang band together to put it out. Once the fire is out, they spot a crescent moon burned into the ground. The moon is an ancient symbol that means ‘conquest’ and was burned on the ground to warn them that they have been marked (thank you Jane!) Jane warns Cassie not to let Jake know about the Circle yet, especially after Cassie saw him burning something outside Nick’s house.

thomas dekker

A power couple no more: Adam and Diana split!

“I don’t want anything to do with your Circle – you’re just a bunch of kids. You’re in way over your heads” ~ Jake

This show has a great creep-factor. They do spooky well. Cassie gets attacked by some weird, scary-looking girl and Jake swoops in and rescues her by casting magic. They cast a spell together and banish the attacker. Whoops! Guess Jakes knows he’s a witch. Jake claims he doesn’t know who the attacker was or why she attacked Cassie and apparently, Jake had the same crescent burned into the ground at his house and was trying to put it out – which is what he claims Cassie saw the other night.

Jane gives Cassie the crystal that her mother gave her. It’s a lens that magnifies their power.  It’s also supposed to be a reflection of the user. No one in the Circle can know about the crystal because it’s the most coveted magic item there is and it can bring out the worst in people. So basically, it’s witch-crack 😉

At Nick’s wake, Adam’s dad drops a name, “Blackwell”, mid-conversation to Cassie. It was someone her mother knew, and was distraught about, but Ethan abruptly changes the topic. Remember that name – it’s going to mean something in a few episodes for sure. Jake and Adam get into a fist fight over Jake calling Ethan a drunk. Was it really over that? We all know it’s more over Cassie than anything else and everyone sees it. This brings me to the next shell-shocker…

I wish you were the one Diana, you deserve to be happy. It’s Adam’s destiny to be with Cassie…The sooner you let him go, the sooner you can be free. Trust me, bad things happen when you mess with fate” ~ Ethan


the secret circle confessions

WOW. Talk about emotional sucker punch! Diana gets this lovely bit of news from Adam’s dad, who believed he was destined to be with Cassie’s mom, Amelia, and because they messed with fate, bad things happened. As much as I know Adam and Cassie are going to be an item – the delivery was pretty brutal. Diana’s upset but in the end, she sees Ethan’s right – Adam’s been making goo-goo eyes at Cassie since she waltzed into Chance Harbor.

“I’ve been standing on the sidelines watching it since she got here. I can’t do that anymore” ~ Diana

faye and melissa

Diana talks to Adam and dumps him. He tries to deflect the accusations but it’s half-hearted. She can see how he looks at Cassie. Adam’s reaction appears, to me, as ‘upset because I’m obligated to be upset’. He loves Diana but not in a passionate way and she points that out to him. Diana then goes to tell Cassie that she broke up with Adam. Awkward. You have one else to talk to except the girl who is stealing your boyfriend? REALLY?!  How about Melissa? That might be a better option?! Cassie feels like crap because of all the girls in the Circle, she likes Diana best and she has tried to push Adam away on numerous occasions. I have to give Cassie credit – she hasn’t encouraged his affections one bit; she’s not a witch home-wrecker.

“I’ve come here to avenge the death of my family, to rid Chance Harbor of witches and I will not fail”

OH SNAP! Jake is a WITCH HUNTER! He’s there to kill the Circle! OMG!

Surprise, surprise…it looks like Jake knew Cassie’s attacker – Simone. She’s a witch hunter! Simone tries to knife Jake and Cassie saves him by using the crystal. Later, Jake tries to explain why he killed Simone to the leader of the witch hunter group and we find out he’s really here to complete a “mission”, i.e.,  to destroy the Circle!

“Maybe I’ll stick around a little while. There are still la few people around town who haven’t tried to kick my ass” ~ Jake

Well, I think there will be a few in line after this…Jake lies to Cassie and explains that Simone was a “bad” witch. When Jake asks her if she did magic on her own, she lies right back and says she thought he was helping her channel her power – that’s some quick thinking to hide the crystal on Cassie’s part. Cassie tries to convince Jake to stay and be part of the Circle – she has no idea what he really is or what he’s planning to do…and he reluctantly agrees. This doesn’t look good for our Circle gang L A traitor in their midst! Hopefully, we will find out more about Jake’s family and why he and not Nick, was bent on revenge.

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Masked”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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