Finally! John Blackwell shows his face and in total Darth Vader style! ‘Casssie – I am your faaaather!’ 😉 This episode of The Secret Circle has Cassie learning more about her past, the witch hunters closing in on the Circle, and Jake making a deal…

the secret circle

The Secret Circle “Valentine” Recap

“Hello Cassie. My name’s John Blackwell, your father” ~ John Blackwell

Cassie’s grandmother Jane – oh right, remember her? Apparently she’s coming back so Cassie moves back home and out of Diana’s. Charles seems a bit disappointed about that because he can’t keep an eye on her anymore. When Cassie goes home, Jake finds ash mixed with salt encircling the house to block her powers. This can only mean one thing: the witch hunters are here and after Cassie. Jake’s concerned and doesn’t want to leave Cassie alone but Cassie has other plans and puts on her best Mary Poppins with a magical umbrella! That was pretty cheesy. Prop. FAIL.

“Lee? Date below my station? NO.” ~ Faye

Callum invites Faye and Melissa over to a party and Melissa is interested in him but Faye’s not interested in going. Callum…eeeech. The show did a good job picking someone who looks slimy. I can’t see what Melissa sees in Callum, other than the drugs. Melissa doesn’t show up at Diana’s so she calls Faye because she’s worried about Melissa using Devil’s Spirit. They go to Lee’s to track Melissa down. Apparently Callum practices dark voo-doo so Lee accompanies them. Callum gives Melissa a totem and does some creepy voo-doo stuff and soon enough, Callum figures out Melissa’s a witch and Melissa figures out that the voo-doo doll takes energy, not gives it. She’s onto him. Callum wants to use Faye and her friends for their power and he exposes Lee for using Faye to save his girlfriend.

“Does this mean that you’re actually alive?”

Yep. I guess so….John Blackwell just shows up on Cassie’s front door!

Cassie activated the medallion so he knew she was in trouble. He couldn’t let anyone know he is alive because it would endanger her. Apparently, everything he’s done since the day of the boatyard fire was to protect Cassie. Yeah, riiiight. We believe you. He makes her promise not to tell anyone. Five minutes later she tells Adam. Womp womp!

“He’s not going to hurt me. I’m his daughter” ~ Cassie

“He’s had a lot of chances to help – he’s here for something else” ~ Adam

Against Adam’s insistence, Cassie goes to meet Blackwell. It turns out that he wants the medallion – as long as she has it, the 1,000 spirits in it will come after her. She admits she told Adam, and in a rage, thinking this was all he came for, she leaves. Unfortunately, as Cassie goes to drive away, Eben kidnaps her.

Meanwhile Jake runs into John Blackwell and tells him Cassie’s in trouble and he finds where they’re holding Cassie. Jake goes to the witch hunters and offers Blackwell in exchange for Cassie’s life. Eben puts drops in Cassie’s eyes and on her tongue.

“Believe me when I tell you – he is the last person you ever want to know…you or Cassie ~ Ethan

Blackwell comes to see Adam to find Cassie. Ethan is stunned to see him and tells him to leave Chance Harbor. It’s all jealousy because of Amelia. Ethan’s threats are empty – he’s not going to do anything; time and again, he’s proven he’s a weak character.

The hunter’s come into a clearing and exchange Cassie for Jake. The drops seem to have some kind of affect on Cassie, like compulsion, and Eben tells Jake that he doesn’t have to kill John Blackwell, Cassie will. Well, this turns out to be true because Cassie’s possessed and doesn’t know how to stop herself from attacking her father. We find out Blackwell can’t help her because he’s no longer able to use magic.

Just in the nick of time, the Circle “kill” Eben and save Jake right before Eben slits Jake’s throat. Suddenly, Eben’s body disappears so we know he’s not really dead and he’s going to come back to cause more trouble. The Circle breaks the spell that’s come over Cassie and save Blackwell but they don’t know what to make of Blackwell – is he evil? Good? Dangerous? What’s his deal? So far, he’s playing a good guy this episode – how long that lasts remains to be seen.

Blackwell explains about the Elders stripping his Circle of their powers. Dark magic took everything he ever cared about, and he fears that no one will believe he’s changed. He plans on staying in Chance Harbor to protect Cassie. We also learn that Eben isn’t a witch but no one gets what his power are and where they come from.

Lee shows up at Faye’s to apologize and he snaps the totem in two to prove it to her. Then, Faye and Lee make out. As much as Faye dissed Lee, I saw this coming two episodes ago. There was chemistry there. But of course, Lee’s girlfriend wakes up! Well, well, well, now what’s Lee going to do?!

Blackwell comes to see Jake and although he knows Jake set him up, he thanks him for keeping Cassie safe and he warns Jake that tonight was only the beginning. Team Blackwell anyone?! 🙂

Lastly, I just dont’ buy Cassie and Adam’s relationship. They give off a brother-sister-friend vibe. They have very flimsy chemistry – if any. I buy her feelings for Jake much more. Even Lee, with his limited time on the show gives off more sex appeal with Faye than Adam does with Cassie. They just don’t work for me. Watching them together is becoming painful.

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