The Secret Circle served up a super-plot twist this week!

shelley hennig

"Slither" -- (L-R): Britt Robertson as Cassie, Shelley Hennig as Diana, and Ashley Crow as Jane in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

“Witchcraft isn’t fun and games, it dangerous and it attracts darkness.” ~ Jane

Wise words to live by; Melissa gets a “personality make-over”, Diana and Adam try to rekindle their romance, Cassie finally breaks her silence, Dawn and Charles go crystal-hunting and fans are delivered a shocking plot-twist in this week’s episode of The Secret Circle.

“Ugh. I have such a headache.” ~ Melissa

Ummm, yeah, a demon-snake crawled in your ear! HELLO!

Cassie is a terrible liar. Granny Jane is desperately trying to suss her out and Cassie’s giving her the cold shoulder. But we know Granny Jane’s onto her; comments like, ‘your mother and you had so much in common’…right. She knows.C’mon now.

Demon-snake girl Melissa is a twitchy little thing at school. She’s got a super short fuse and uber bitchy demeanor. Cassie feels bad about dodging her Granny and tells Diana that she wants to let Jane know about their secret. Diana nixes the idea because the adults have obviously have been lying to them and Diana’s Book of Shadows says that their parents had their powers stripped by the Elders. Granny Jane could very well be an Elder and Diana fears she would strip them of their ability to practice magic.

“Stop being such a wuss, and dig!” ~ Melissa

Melissa/Demon-snake girl lies to Nick that she found her mom’s Book of Shadows. He agrees to help her find it in the woods and he finds a suitcase buried deep beneath the ground. The suitcase won’t open, there’s a spell on the lock but apparently, it has her “book” in it. Mmmhmm. Sure it does.

Cassie keeps avoiding talking to Granny Jane about what’s really going on but she does probe her as to why her mom left Chance Harbour. Jane hints that her mother kept ‘a lot of things from her’… You bet she did! Talk about understatement here….Jane keeps trying to get Cassie to come to her and open up but Cassie ditches her to help Melissa.

Meanwhile, Charles and Dawn meet at Charles’ boat for some funky Blood Moon ritual. They want to get these crystals so they can have their true powers back. They waited an entire year for this Blood Moon and it turned out to be a bust because they drained their only crystal. Dawn and Charles now have to figure out another way to get the 6 crystals.

“Feels like we haven’t been alone together in forever.” ~ Diana

Ummm yeah, cuz you haven’t and FYI Diana, ‘He’s just not that into to you’. Diana and Adam try and have a date, but the chemistry is LAME. More to the point – there is none.

Diana tries to unleash her “sexy” on Adam but he’s completely checked out and looking around while she’s kissing him. You can tell he’s not thinking of her – you can see it all over his face. The whip cream scene? That played out more like a friendly gag. It wasn’t sexy. They take the romp into the bedroom and he sort of gets into it but I’m just not buying their chemistry AT ALL. Adam and Diana are about to get into it but their moment is ruined by texts…from Cassie. Go figure. Gee, didn’t see that coming.

“What the hell Melissa, how many witches does it take to open a suitcase?!” ~ Faye

So Melissa has lied to everyone and fesses up that she needs the entire Circle to help open the suitcase. The suitcase moves!!! Books don’t move so we know something is very wrong here. Melissa is also clearly not herself and by now everyone has figured out she’s not OK, especially after they see her pet snake slithering under her skin and across her forehead! They know it’s the demon that possessed Heather. Nick desperately wants to save her, so…he brains her over the head to knock Demon-Melissa out.

As usual, I love the horror factor on this show. Jessica Parker Kennedy is doing a bang-up job at this possession bit. She’s scary and more importantly, believable. At this point, you can only hope that she doesn’t end up like Heather.

louis hunter

"Slither" -- Louis Hunter as Nick in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“I know who I am, who you are – who mom was. I’m a witch and I need your help!” ~ Cassie

WOW. That’s a mouthful! Cassie takes a huge risk and spills her witchy beans about the Circle and gets Granny Jane’s help to save Melissa. The episode doesn’t touch on this at the end but I’m sure Jane knowing will have some interesting repercussions for the group. Good or bad – who knows, but her reaction in the coming episodes is something I’m going to watch closely. I’m hoping she decides to help the Circle but of course, that would probably be just too easy.

“Melissa, I know you’re in there…I saw you…come back to me…please” ~ Nick

It’s sad because knowing how this episode ends for Nick, he shows he genuinely cares for Melissa. Even after she takes him hostage, he is willing to do whatever it takes so long as it doesn’t hurt her. Melissa gets them to do her bidding and the suitcase opens, then in comes Gran to the rescue! She busts out her super-cool witch-Latin and what’s this?! She has a crystal! OH DAMN! Dawn and Charles: you two are looking in ALL the wrong places! She gives the Circle directions to combat Melissa and it works…well, sort of…

Now, the demon is in someone else. Granny shows each Circle member the crystal and only get a reaction from Nick – he’s possessed.

The suitcase is a bag of demons in the form of snakes and we get a cool tidbit of witch-lore here: demons can only be drowned or burned. Also, demons need human form to be active and witches are the most powerful forms. They burn the suitcase but Nick escapes into the forest.

Nick threatens Adam to burn the boathouse to the ground and then ends up confronting Dawn. He reveals his true demonic-name: Abaddon. He wants the Circle and Dawn’s body as a vessel – Dawn is petrified and begs the demon to leave the children alone. She calls Charles and puts herself on speaker so he can hear what’s going on and rescue her. Then…it just gets CRAZY….

“I killed a boy, a child. That’s something that should never feel right” ~ Charles

Dawn says they have to drown Nick to kill the demon. OK, so I’m thinking, alright, they will drown him and revive him somehow, after all, he’s a main character on the show (and apparently, in the books), whereas Melissa is not. NOPE. Charles kills Nick by holding him underwater. Nick flails and begs for his life while Dawn is screaming that it’s not really Nick. It was a very tense and emotional scene.

Afterwards, Charles is just devastated by his actions. He’s our resident “baddie” but even he has a heart. It almost seems like Dawn is the real evil mastermind and not Charles since he hesitated in killing Nick and she convinced him to finish the job. I love Gale Harold being a bad ass, but I also love that he plays Charles with remorse and a conscience.

thomas dekker

"Slither" -- Thomas Dekker as Adam in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved


When it was over, and he didn’t get revived I was STUNNED. What a shocker! Realistically, if you take away the fact that he’s a mainstay in the books, his character was the easiest to boot off – he had no parents, and was sort of the “Jenna” of the show – he’s a part of the main group but not much is going on with his character other than a love interest with Melissa. I could see from a show standpoint why he was chosen. Fans of the books are going to be a bit miffed and confused but this is the show’s way of keeping the story line different. That way, they can take liberties and expand on new ideas since they have made a very clear break early on with the story’s official canon. This leaves much more room for a new take on the books. If they had stayed too tried and true to the books and broke away from the storyline in season two or later – I think we’d see a much angrier reaction as fans would have come to expect the same story line by that time. It sad in that Louis Hunter did an fantastic job this episode, as did Jessica Parker Kennedy of showcasing their acting skills. It’s just sad we won’t get to see his character develop.

Poor Melissa…she wakes up not remembering much. Faye is glad to see her back and OK but has to tell her Nick is dead. Other than Cassie and Jane, none of them know what truly happened. The cover up story is that he hit his head and he fell in the water.

“If I lost you, I couldn’t take it” ~ Diana

“You’re not going to lose me” ~ Adam

“Promise?” ~ Diana

Seriously? Diana just makes me groan every time she says stuff like this. UGH. Talk about weak female character. Faye may be a bitch but that girl has balls! Diana is just becoming this whiny, insecure clingy-girlfriend. I just want to reach in through the screen and slap her upside the head every time crap like this comes out of her mouth. She makes women look bad.

In the end, Jane tells Cassie she still doesn’t know why Amelia ran away from Chance Harbour and Cassie feels like if she had told her sooner, Nick would be alive. Hindsight is 20/20, that’s just the sad part of this episode.

This is a case where the past has come back to haunt the Circle and they pay dearly for their parent’s mistakes. Dawn dabbled in demons in her youth and Nick paid the ultimate price. As much as she and Charles keep trying to “protect” the Circle, their previous actions as teens keep coming back to haunt their children.

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Wake”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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