L.J Smith’s otherworldly witch series finally gets airtime as Kevin Williamson takes on another sure-to-be hit show about things that go bump in the night – The Secret Circle on The CW.

The Secret Circle Recap – SE01 EP01: “Pilot”

“This is insane, all of you are INSANE!..there’s no such thing as witches and magic.” ~ Cassie

A car mysteriously run off the side of the road and a freak accidental fire takes a woman’s life. This show definitely didn’t start off slow and boring!

Fast forward one month later…newly orphaned Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) moves back to Chance Harbor, Washington after her mother’s tragic death. She moves in with her grandmother and starts school only to find she’s surrounded by strange people, eerie events and dark secrets.

“So? How was your first day?” ~ Adam

Cassie meets Adam Conant, Diana Meade, Faye Chamberlain, Melissa Glaser and Nick Armstrong. They’re a spooky little crew Cassie befriends only to find out they’re a coven of witches who are dabbling in magic like their parents once did. Cassie is in disbelief until Adam (Thomas Dekker) proves to her that magic exists. She soon stumbles upon some information and starts to piece together that she too is descended from witches and has magical powers.

Charles Meade (Gale Harold), Diana’s father, and a warlock, always seems to be watching Cassie and up to no good. We appear to have our “villain”. I loved him in Queer As Folk so I can’t wait to see what he brings to this series! I’m glad to see him back on my TV screen. I love his uber creepy demeanor – he’s got this role nailed!

Canadian Natasha Henstridge plays Dawn Chamberlain – Faye’s mother and the principal of the school. She seems to be in cahoots with Charles. I’m interested to see how this pairing plays out and if she’s a potential villainess.

“We’re doing this my way Faye” ~ Diana
“Yeah, that ship has sailed” ~ Faye
“Don’t push me Faye, I mean it” ~ Diana

Diana confronts bad-girl Faye about her dangerous tricks and accuses her of exposing the group. It seems goody two-shoes Diana (Shelly Henning) is the coven leader but Faye’s pushing back and doing what she pleases. Unfortunately, Diana’s character was lost in all the excitement of the pilot, however, I like juxtaposition that she’s a sweet, kind girl and her father seems to be the resident baddie – it will make for interesting TV! I’m also interested in watching her power struggle with Faye unfold. They’re already at each other’s throats and we’ve only just begun!

Conversely, Faye’s character, played by Phoebe Tonkin isn’t really cutting it for me. She’s playing the catty bitch a little too hard and it just falls flat. Faye’s very one dimensional; the cookie cutter mean teen-queen you get in every high school drama. Having said that, I’m hoping to see her role develop over season one. Sadly, Melissa Glaser (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Faye’s side-kick and cute coven boy Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter) were just props this episode. You can only do so much in one hour, I get it, so I hope to see more from them in episode two.

“I don’t know how to say this…we’re different, you’re different” ~ Diana

The group finally confronts Cassie after a series of bizarre events and they tell her that they’re witches and she’s one too. Cassie wigs out and takes off into the forest, where Adam catches up with her and shows her magic really does exist. It’s kind of a sexy/romantic scene and foreshadows a possible relationship between the two characters. Cassie’s presence closes the circle and helps them increase their power. They want to convince her to keep quiet and join them. Cassie also finds out that the members of the last circle died! Each member of the circle lost a parent. Hey! Wanna join our club? People die! Ummm…ya, not so much thanks.

“You can’t make it rain just because you want to!” ~ Diana
“Yes we can! We can do anything we want to!” ~ Faye

Faye tries to rein in some magic and plays ‘weather girl’ with a storm. Cassie finally uses her magic and stops Faye in her tracks. One complaint…no cool Latin or gibberish language when they’re casting spells. Saying “make it stop” repeatedly kind of feels lame and not really magical. Let’s up the creep factor folks…

Meanwhile, Charles pays Adam’s dad, Ethan, a visit and goes a little Darth Vader on him. Ethan (played by Adam Harrington) loved Cassie’s mother in high school and he seems to want to cryptically spill the beans to Cassie about her past. Charles nips that in the bud fast. I love the veiled threats and dark magic; Gale Harold’s just SO good at being bad 🙂

There were plenty of great scenes in this pilot; the car incident, the magic forest scene, Charles stalking around establishing his creepiness, and plenty of romantic tension between Cassie and Diana’s boyfriend Adam. Adam and Diana have been together for 3 years and we can all see that that’s not going to last much longer since he’s obviously enamored with the new witch in town! Starlet, Britt Robertson is doing a fantastic job at playing Cassie. I really like her character; she’s believable and interesting to watch.

The show managed to explain enough and get you interested enough to want to keep watching. It was a great pilot and a nice addition to the supernatural line-ups that are all the rage now. I’m looking forward to next Thursday! Join me next week to catch the next exciting Secret Circle episode, “Bound”!

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