On The Secret Circle “Medallion” Cassie figures out the medallion, Charles gets his nasty back, and the Circle gets a warning!

The Secret Circle Recap “Medallion​”

“There’s no room for Jake between us” ~ Adam

Adam’s not too happy that Cassie is super sleuthing with bad boy Jake. She tells Adam about what she found out about the medallion. He insists that there are other ways to protect the Circle and he wants to help her because he cares about her, not because he wants to know more about her dark magic, like Jake. Jake might be after revenge, but I do think he genuinely cares for Cassie at this point and Adam sees it so he’s trying to discredit him at every turn.

“You look familiar. Have we met before?” ~ Cassie

“Sixteen years ago in the boatyard fire…” ~ Lucy Gibbons

Meanwhile, Cassie gets paid a visit by strange woman. It turns out that she’s the girl who saw Cassie in Jake’s memory in the boat fire. Apparently, her memory of the incident changed a week ago after Cassie appeared and she begs Cassie to speak to her. She’s not a witch, but a psychic named Lucy Gibbons, who claims she was close friends with Cassie’s parents. When Cassie appeared in Jake’s memory, the psychic imprint was altered and she found her.

“I’ve come here to warn you about witch hunters…they’re coming for you, just like they came for your father.”~ Lucy

Lucy claims that someone else must’ve se Cassie in the memory and they’re coming for her now. Cassie doesn’t understand why Lucy is risking her life to help her, but she explains that she was close to Cassie’s parents so she feel obligated to save her.

“When you threatened to kill my mother it occurred to me that you and I aren’t exactly on the same page!” ~ Charles

You’re most definitely NOT on the same page! Charles pays Dawn a little visit. He’s ticked that she sent Ethan after him. It was one of those, “Really?!, no, REALLY?!” moments. They were supposed to be on the same team – Team “Get-crystals-steal-magic back” but somehow, they’ve ended up battling each other and contriving various ways to screw each other over. Dawn’s idea to kill Charles’s mother didn’t exactly sit well with him so now he doesn’t trust Dawn further than he can throw her. No trust, no team effort.

the secret circle medallion

“I’m going to get that crystal back and the next time you cross me, it will be your last.” ~ Charles

Delivered with a nice big smile 🙂 Not only does he not trust Dawn, now he plans to do her in if she does anything stupid again. Charles spends this episode getting his nasty back and turning the tables on Dawn and Ethan. They thought they had everything under control but Charles just showed them who’s really boss.

“What the Hell is going on?!” ~ Adam

Cassie tells Jake about the witch hunters coming after her. She wants to figure out how the medallion works so they can stop them. They go to try something out in the basement since the symbol on the medallion is the same as the symbol on the ceiling. Suddenly, the entire basement starts shaking and Cassie is paralyzed and doesn’t know how to control it. Jake topples Cassie and breaks the spell only to have poor Adam walk in on them. Couldn’t see that one coming 😉 Adam is worried that the medallion might make things worse so he pilfers it and Cassie takes Jake to meet Lucy.

“That day when you betrayed us? I told you never to come back here again…and I marked you” ~ Dawn

So now we understand the strange cut on Dawn’s hand at the beginning of the episode. She marked Lucy after the fire. Cassie asks Lucy about the Balcoin medallion and if it can be used for protection, Lucy confirms it can but it needs to be activated by a bound Circle and that she can get the spell to help Cassie. They promise to meet later and then Dawn comes to see her right after Cassie leaves. Lucy apparently betrayed Dawn and her Circle sixteen years ago. She was Blackwell’s psychic and she was supposed to protect him so she should’ve seen when the hunters were coming. Lucy said they blocked her vision so Dawn uses her to find the crystals as payback for her betrayal.

“I’m impressed! Diana was able to find enough random classmates to make it look like Adam has friends!” ~ Faye

Adam’s having a birthday party and Faye is a bit irritated that Diana and Melissa are buddy-buddy. They’re both on Devil’s Spirit at the party but only Melissa is feeling any fun effects so Faye calls Callum to bring them more. Callum shows up at the party to give Faye more Devil’s Spirit but decides he wants to stick around. He won’t leave after Faye asks him to go so Jake kicks him out of the party. This was kind of odd seeing that Jake dislikes Faye?

Meanwhile, Ethan asks poor Diana to make a toast – OUCH! How uncomfortable is that?! What an idiot. Diana’s a stand up girl and gives a good speech in spite of the awkwardness. Charles comes to the bar to chat with Ethan and tries to get friendly. The best part? A little frat-party roofie action! Charles drops a little “something-something” in Ethan’s coffee! Ethan feels a little off and goes to lie down. Charles follows him and makes sure he’s asleep and then steals the crystal. Well done!

“This is about protecting the Circle and you’re making it about jealousy.” ~ Cassie

Adam admits he took the medallion so he could stop Cassie hurting herself. He tries to take digs at Jake but Cassie retaliates saying that Jake accepts the dark magic side of her and doesn’t ask her to hide who she is, and she believes he’s changed. Adam relents and gives her back the medallion. Later on, Cassie tests Jake and asks, “Have you ever murdered a witch?” Jake’s silence is answer enough and Cassie leaves.

“I’ve always been on the right side Dawn…and it was never yours” ~ Lucy

Lucy goes to see Dawn but suddenly stabs her in the stomach. HOLY CRAP! I didn’t see that coming! Lucy was a traitor as Dawn suspected! Now, she’s going to lead the witch hunters right to Cassie! Luckily, Charles finds Dawn and resuscitates her with the crystal and she’s shocked her saved her. I’m not, Charles might be a baddie sometimes but deep down, he does have a conscience – more of one than Dawn. She’s much more ruthless and cold hearted than he is but she puts on a veneer that she’s a good guy while Charles doesn’t try and mend his bad-boy reputation so we just get glimpses of his occasional kindness.

“I accept who you are; I just don’t accept that you’re only defined by dark magic. I think you’re much more than that.” ~ Adam

The Circle meets to decide how to use the medallion. Cassie tells Adam he was right about Jake and they go to the woods to meet Lucy. Now that we know Lucy’s playing for the other team, we know it’s going to end badly for the gang.

They form a Circle and follow Lucy’s directions to activate the medallion but Cassie feels something is wrong. What’s happening? The medallion is taking their magic. It channels power in and out and it has stolen the power from thousands of witches. This is what makes it so strong and now it’s taking the Circle’s power. Cassie remembers what her father said on the boat and and she repeats some funky Latin-sounding spell and almost sets Lucy on fire! She forces Lucy to admit that her father is alive then Cassie kicks her out of Chance Harbor. They free Lucy so she can tell the witch hunters that the Circle is ready for them. Unfortunately, when Lucy reports back to Eben – the head witch hunter, he slits her throat for failing him.

At the end, a few last minute interesting things happen…

1.) Jake makes out with Faye in a fit of passion, so my question is: what’s in it for him? I highly doubt he’s into Faye again and this is more about getting closer to avenge his parents or making Cassie jealous than genuine interest.

2.) Melissa buys Devil’s Spirit of Callum on her own – she’s going through the stuff fast and Callum warns her. You know it’s bad when your dealer says, ‘hey, slow it down!’. It looks like a budding drug addiction is in the works for Melissa.

3.) Cassie tries to use the medallion again to contact her father! She goes back to the basement and does a little more wind blowing and witchy-woo and it seems like in the final scene she’s made some sort of contact! That will prove to be exciting!

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Valentine.” Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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