The “secret” is out and the past comes back to haunt our posse on this week’s episode of The Secret Circle.

“All I have to do is kill one of them” ~ Zachary Larson

Oh noes! On this week’s episode of The Secret Circle, creepy fisherman Zachary Larson stalks our Circle gang to redress a past mistake. Melissa’s shares her feelings with playboy Nick, Adam admits his attraction to Cassie and Charles and Dawn do some major “clean up” to keep their past hush-hush.

“I never would’ve bound the frickin circle if I knew I’d lose my powers” ~ Faye

Oh boy – a lot happened this episode. The gang figure out fast that they can’t do magic alone, one of the Circle members has to be present to help collectively channel their power. Cassie doesn’t want to be chummy after binding the Circle – she gets that it had to be done but she’s not interested in being BFF’s with them and wants things to go back to normal. Sorry sweetheart, that ship sailed a car fire and a few exploding light-bulbs ago.

One thing we get to see is more on Melissa and Nick. She’s not treated very well by her mean bestie Faye – well, not initially and Nick is horrible to her. After another romp in the sack, she asks him to the school dance and he turns her down in a nasty way – “I don’t do dances – we’re not dating Melissa, if that’s where this is going, we’re done”. OUCH! Hey, a “I’m not really into dances” or “I have to wash my hair” or even a “Naw, not my scene” would’ve been much better but Nick has to take it to THAT level to get her to understand. I wanted to reach inside my screen and bitch slap that boy. HARD.

“Maybe there’s trouble in Paradise and it’s time to let those eyes wander” ~ Sally

Sally has memories of Faye tossing her over the dock and Cassie nervously tries to change the subject and brush it off but she’s a bit freaked. Guess they didn’t magic her hard enough and she’s starting to remember bits and pieces – uh-oh!

Meanwhile, Adam reluctantly introduces cute boy Luke to Cassie and is unnerved that Luke wants to ask Cassie out to the dance. The green eyed monster is rearing its ugly head. Adam is all ‘so, you taking new cute boy to the dance *pouts*” – geez, you REEK of jealousy. Initially, it’s a fail because Cassie shoots Luke down but then Cassie worries about being THAT girl so she takes Luke up on his offer to go to the dance.

“Cassie, the Circle is nothing unless we’re together” ~ Diana

And we get a fine example of this in the following scene – some weird, creepy unshaved guy is stalking them. Turns out the creepy guy is local fisherman, Zachary Larson, who chats up Cassie because he knew her mom and went to school with her. He gets into super stalker mode and starts asking a lot of questions and tells Cassie her mother vowed she’d never come back to Chance Harbor, and he knows what Cassie IS *dun dun dun*! Luckily, goody-two shoes Diana magics him off of Cassie.

Diana tells the group Cassie was attacked and Cassie reminds them that Sally is asking questions – this is NOT good. Their little secret is threatening to unravel. Just a side-bar here – Diana (Shelley Hennig) actually LOOKS like she totally could be Gale Harold’s daughter. For real. Look hard. Just do it.

“We can’t kill everybody who gets in our way!” ~Dawn

Ummm, well, no but you can “take care of business” witch-mafia styles 😉

Charles knows about the “incident” with Zachary and asks Diana what happened. Charles is gonna fix his little red wagon! In a kind of cute moment, she asks Charles what’s going on with Dawn Chamberlain and he says they’re seeing each other. Diana falls for it and wishes him well. Later, Diana tells Dawn she’s cool with them dating – the ‘your dad is a special man’ comment made me laugh! umm, hello sarcasm! She might as well have said “Your dad is an evil bastard” in the same tone of voice. Man, Diana is daft.

Cassie goes through her mom’s stuff. Uh-oh – what’s this?! A yearbook?! Zachary Larson and her mom were in it and she tells Diana about her find.

They still have no explanation about what happened the night their parents died but figure this Zachary guy does so they want to get some answers out of him.

It’s the night of the dance, and like a good horror movie/Sunnydale High Buffy episode, chaos ensues at the school for our gang while everyone else dances on in blissful ignorance. Sally pushes Adam to dance with Cassie, knowing they like each other and Adam admits he knows why she’s avoiding him. Cassie is trying her hardest to not be a wedge between Adam and Diana but we all see where this is going – I give it 5 episodes before they’re an item.

Charles goes to pay Zachary a “visit”. His visits are always dangerous. Amelia told Zachary everything about their Circle. He confronts Charles about practicing magic and attacks him. He vows he’s going to kill one of the Circle to unbind them! This time, I WANT Charles to open up some creepy warlock whoop-ass on this guy but it doesn’t happen, he gets quite the beating and Zachary gets away.

So…who is Heather Barnes? She appears to have been friends with Amelia (Cassie’s mom) and Zachary and apparently, according to the newspaper, Heather died in the fire that killed their parents. We find out she was Zachary’s girlfriend and he blames what happened on their parents so now he’s taking it out on the newest Circle.

“Why do you like me? I treat you like crap and you keep coming back for more. Do you like being dumped on?” ~ Nick

WOW. Nick is forward but as much as he’s a total jerk, he makes a point. He’s sending Melissa a clear message and she’s refusing to get it. Melissa confides in Faye that she thinks Nick hates her and she doesn’t know why. Faye says he has issues and she actually attempts to be nice to Melissa for once. She’s dialed down her bitch factor and we see she can actually be a half-decent friend.I really liked Faye this episode. After bitching about her for two episodes, she steps outside her character and tells Nick off! Faye confronts Nick about being a jerk and it somewhat humbles his player-pimp persona.

Luke ditches Cassie, because he can read that she’s not into him but his character was inconsequential and boring so I’m glad he’s gone. I fell asleep whenever he came on screen. Seriously, they could’ve just used a cardboard cut-out and I would’ve been just as interested.

Zachary comes after Faye and then Cassie. Charles gets to Dawn and tells her Zachary’s plan to kill one of the kids – and they go running to the rescue. With the entire Circle is there at full power, they manage to fight Zachary and release Cassie. New flash: Heather didn’t die?! WHAT?!

Dawn arrives after they’ve knocked Zachary out. They come up with a very obvious, very lame lie, and she pretends to buy it and tosses out a lie of her own saying she knew him and he’s a dangerous addict. She says she’ll “take care of it” and sends the kids away. Charles and Dawn toss Zachary in the trunk of their car and Dawn marks him so she can track him at any time. We get the idea here that they did something to his girlfriend, Heather. What exactly? We will find out next week I’m sure!

The last few scenes show Nick trying to be nice to Melissa and Faye being happy for her. Cassie talks to Diana and in a bold move, she tells Cassie she knows that Adam looks at her that way! WOW! In a very uncomfortable moment, Cassie reassures her and through teary eyes, Diana says she wants them to be friends…uh-oh…I’m sensing a frenemy situation here. Keep your friends close but you FRENEMIES closer. This will be one rocky friendship. It was an exciting episode and the pieces are falling into place bit by bit. I like the slow reveal and that the characters are coming into their own. The plot is definitely interesting and it’s got me hooked!

Tune in with me next Thursday on the CW at 9pm to catch the next action packed episode of The Secret Circle, “Heather”, as we go back in the past and find out exactly what a fate worse than death looks like!

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